Ready for Coffee?

hello friends.

happy friday! ready for some coffee? grab a cup and scoot up close so we can chat.

if we were having coffee today i would first have to apologize because i started without you.

i would probably start our date off by complaining about how sore i am after yesterdays CrossFit WOD. Then laugh as I tell you I loved it. I would tell you how actually making the effort to eat right and work out hard isn’t as difficult as people think it is. I would complain there are a ton more dishes and meals take more time to prepare, but I feel satisfied and energized.

I would probably go on and on about Little Dreamer’s first day of dance class. I would talk about how beautiful she looked and how cute it was to see her in a class with girls her age just trying to figure everything out. I would tell you how she has asked every day if its time to go back to dance class. She is growing so fast. I would probably blink away the tears as I told you how incredibly proud I am of the beautiful girl she is growing into.

Then in the same sentence I would tell you how incredibly frustrating she can be at times. I would rant about her crying fits and new favorite phrase “I don’t want to”. I would tell you how smart and stubborn she is, how she already knows just what she wants and will do whatever it takes to get it. We would both laugh because you’d probably ask me where she got it from and I’d realize she was so much like me. Even when she is stubborn and frustrating there are those moments when she totally melts my heart. Like when I go to check on her at nap time and find her like this:

I would also want to tell you about this awesome community I’ve discovered online recently called #SheReadsTruth. This community of women online that are passionate about getting into God’s Word everyday. We have been going through Soul Detox, a devotional on the YouVersion App. It has been encouraging. The truth is exactly what I need to hear and keeps me focused on my goals and is really helping me become better. Join in on the website or instagram and twitter!

How has your week been? What would you tell me about if we were having coffee today?

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4 thoughts on “Ready for Coffee?”

  1. I’ve been watching all the tweets about #shereadstruth and at first I was freaking out because I thought everyone I follow was shreading…and I thought…what kind of fitness freaks are these women??? and then I realized what it was…and I’m inspired just reading tweets and watching instagrams…and I think “I’m not worthy” and then I think…that’s what this is all about…I’m going to give it a try… thanks for the push!


    1. HAHA, Shreading! That is awesome. I started WAY late on the devotional plan but found it easy to catch up. The thing I love the most is that everyone seems so genuine about it. It is so encouraging! Glad you are going to do it!


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