Sobering Results

It is one thing to “know” that you’re overweight. It’s a totally different feeling when the results are printed out on paper and handed to you. As a part of our 60 Day Challenge we had to get our starting metrics from a BodPod or DXA Scan. We were told the DXA scan was more accurate and would give us more information. We drove about an hour away to SIUE to get our scans done. We had some “last meal” type treats in the few days leading up to the scan, and you know what? They weren’t even that good. My go to food used to be boneless buffalo wings from applebee’s… I had them on Thursday night and they were just ok. Nothing special. And worse… I felt bloated and gross after eating them.

Anyway, Back to the scan. It was basically an exam table that you lay on while an xray scanner thing scans you. It takes like 10 minutes.

 Here is a picture of Chris getting ready to scan

Payton made friends with the “Pirate” (as she called it) while we were there.

The visual results we got were sobering. I’m going to share mine here. It’s not easy to air my dirty laundry all over the internet, but I want to be transparent with you guys. Well I knew that I wasn’t in the best shape, I wasn’t prepared for my results. I mean I typically eat pretty decent and I work out regularly. I’ve lost about 40 pounds over the past 2 years since Payton was born. I have come a long way. I’m not diminishing that work at all. I’m just acknowledging that I have long way to go.

Here is my visual body tissue quantication. Not flattering at all. My start weight as measured on their scale was 214 (210 on my scale at home). 99 of those pounds are fat. 99. That means 48.2% of my body is made of fat. Like half. Guys, this was hard to swallow. My BMI is 37.9… on the high end of the Obese category. To get out of obese and into the Overweight category I have to get down to 169 lbs. To be in the Normal range I should be around 140. Thats about 75 lbs.

All that to say this… these next 60 days (and beyond) are going to be extremely focused. We are eating a variation of the Paleo diet. We started CrossFit on Saturday (I am going to do a post about that this week!) and I am totally loving it so far. Hurts so good!

So, I’ve put it all out there for you… Now I need your help. Hold me accountable. Give me advice. Encouragement. Anything!

Have you ever had any sobering moments regarding your health? How did you respond?


12 thoughts on “Sobering Results”

  1. I’m cheering for ya, Courtney!! You’ve started great and I know you’ll finish strong!! Keep it up and share some of those paleo recipes, would ya??


  2. Wow, that’s such an amazing test. I’d love to have something like that done.

    You can do this! You’ve already done so much. Keep up the good work.

    Isn’t it interesting to go back to one of your old favorite foods and find that it doesn’t do much for you? I love to see that kind of growth in my healthy eating habits.


    1. Thanks Heather. I follow your blog closely and you are an inspiration! While I obviously knew I needed to lose weight, seeing it this way made it way more clear that it needed to be done right away. It is easy to think that just be cause I run/work out that I’m “in shape”… It’s got to be an all around focus on healthy living! I want to be an inspiration and let people know its not just about having a success story but enjoying the journey.


  3. Good for you for being so honest and sharing your story- I am sure you will inspire many people along the way! You are well on your way… 40 pounds already is huge! Keep doing what you’re doing, and you will get there.


  4. I have sobering realizations about my weight all the time. I can barely shop at the stores I’ve normally shopped at for years, if at all anymore. I am about 120 lbs over my ideal weight and I am sure about 45-50% of that is fat. I am right there with you and I feel ya.

    The hard thing for me is that every time I have done any kind of hard core exercising, I have somehow managed to injure myself. Plus, when you’re trying to get pregnant like we are it is not good to work out REALLY hard core if you don’t that normally. So I have to focus more on my diet and then try and add exercises I know wont injure me (swimming, elliptical), but often watching my diet so strictly is very difficult. I never knew why, but now that I know I have PCOS which causes insulin resistance, it makes more sense.


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