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Rest, Bloggy Boot Camp, & InstaFriday

Every friend, without fail, I get Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” stuck in my head (Now I know it’s in yours too… sing with me… “It’s Friiiday Friiiday…”) Anyway, this week has been restful. I went on a short run/walk with the dog on Wednesday early in the morning, but other than that I’ve allowed myself the freedom to just rest. I started training last summer for the Marathon, then a few weeks after the marathon I started training for the half. Sunday I finished my first half-marathon, and not “having” to train for something has been a welcomed rest. I knew that if I gave myself the week off from feeling guilty that I would feel more refreshed and ready to hit the gym again next week. I plan on getting back on track with New Rules of Lifting for Women and trying to do some speed work to try to PR a 5k and maybe 10k sometime this Summer/Fall.

Also, this weekend I’m attending my first blog conference/workshop. I’ll be attending Bloggy Boot Camp STL! I’m looking forward to learning more about this awesome world of blogging and meeting some crazy awesome people! Look forward to some updates about it next week!

And now for your regularly scheduled programming… A shorter than normal version of InstaFriday… A look into the everyday life here in Normanland…

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life rearranged

Highlight of the week: The Half-Marathon and becoming an official member of the 13.1 club

 She discovered her “glass slippers” and loves to wear them around.

Breakfast time!

another set of skinned knees… How do I keep this from happening all summer?

Falling asleep at the table…

First experiment with gluten free pizza, it wasn’t that bad!

What was the highlight of your week? 

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