Ultimate Blog Party!

I’ve been linking up with for awhile now on the Wordless Wednesday posts, so when I saw they were hosting The Ultimate Blog Party I was in! It is a great way for bloggers to meet other bloggers and introduce them to your little corner of the blogging world. If you are here for UBP, Welcome to Normanland!

I’m Courtney, the blogger behind Adventures in Normanland. I’m a 25 year old Wife and Momma to a very spirited 2 year old. I share little bits of our adventures as a family, but mostly I write about my journey to fine what Healthy Living means to me. In the last few years I’ve taken up running as my healthy outlet and have been exploring what eating right means for me with my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I have trained for a marathon, a few smaller races, and most recently completed a half marathon. I’m not fast, but at least I’m moving! I’ve also started to explore the connection between Gluten and my Hashimoto’s symptoms. One of the reasons I love writing about my running adventures is to inspire to try it. It’s easy to read healthy living/running blogs and see their athletic physique and immediately dismiss the idea that you could do it too. I am an overweight working mom and wife, going to school full time, managing a house and I still get out there and do it… So can you!!

I’d love to learn more about YOU! Tell me something random… Favorite Song? Guilty pleasure TV show? Pet Peeves?




6 thoughts on “Ultimate Blog Party!”

  1. Guilty pleasure TV show? I’m not gonna lie – sometimes I watch Judge Judy while folding laundry. She’s always got a little ditty like, “Who’s the boss, applesauce.” She’s like a super skinny, mean, white Oprah.


  2. Wow, your running is inspirational!

    Regarding gluten and thyroid disease, I wondered if you’ve ever been checked for Celiac disease. Many people with Celiac have thyroid problems. Going off gluten interferes with accurate celiac testing.


    1. Wow, good to know! I was just trying it as an experiment to see if it did make me feel better… Is it better to talk to a Primary Doctor or Specialist about it?


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