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New Rules of Lifting for Women – Stage 1

Happy Monday! After a 3 day weekend I wasn’t totally depressed when Monday came around! I even got up early and went to the gym to do my New Rules of Lifting for Women workout. I did work out 3B of Stage 1. I was able to increase my weights on most of the moves. I know I posted about my previous strength training program last month, but when we got back from Texas I decided to start NROLFW instead.

It seemed to be a more current and effective program with better results. I was really apprehensive at first. I’m WAY more comfortable doing cardio than working with weights… at least I was. Now I feel perfectly confident in the weight area. I do prefer going early in the morning because there are less people and I have more freedom to use the space for my workouts.

One of my accomplishments was getting up the courage to use the squat rack.

(looks a little something like this, though the one in my gym is a bit difference)

I never really knew how it worked and was always intimidated by it. So, I loaded it up with some light weights (10 lbs on either side… watch out!) and just tried it out and loved it! I’m up to 60lbs on the squat rack so far and growing.

I’ve also moved from 10 lbs to 17.5 lbs on the dumbbell shoulder press, yeehaw! I’m feeling stronger and stronger each time.

The book also gives nutrition information, which is helpful, but I’m still trying to find my way on that. I’ve told you about my Hashimoto’s and have been researching it even more and it turns out there is some pretty solid research linking Hashimoto’s and gluten intolerance. I have read several articles backing this up. So, I decided to go gluten free and see if that helps my issues. I found some great resources for meal planning and grocery shopping here. Today was the first day and it went pretty well, I didn’t even notice it missing. I’m looking forward to seeing if this helps with my random stomach issues and problems losing weight.

Any tips for going Gluten Free? Any strength training tips? I’d love to hear it!

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