InstaFriday #2- Texas Edition

This week has been such a great one! I love love love Texas. There is just something about being here that just makes me feel so… at home. Anyway, with a cute little rental house on the lake and lots of family to see and places to eat its been a week of adventures! I love the idea of sharing little snapshots of my week with ya’ll so I’m linking up to InstaFriday at Life Rearranged.

 life rearranged

Saturday morning I woke up early and did a quick one mile jog around the neighborhood and my session of Body Sculpting Bible for Women that I missed on Friday because of the travel/time change on the way down here to Texas.

We visited one Chachi’s… a REAL TexMex restaurant! They don’t have anything like this in the STL.

We drove around the Granbury area… “Where Texas History Lives”

Most of our week has been spent working… but we get to work out on the big dock. Payton loves it out there!

Visiting the Cows at Re and Pa’s place.

Checking out Big Rocks in Glen Rose, TX

I’ve started fixing up Payton’s hair in a tiny ponytail. It is so cute!

Out on the dock.

We have done quite a bit of driving around and her favorite way to do it is with the window down and the music up.

Blue Bell Ice Cream…. The best ice cream in the world!

Mint sprint nails for St Patty’s day. I’m gearing up for the Granbury Road Race on Saturday, gotta go green.

We had dinner at Loco Coyote, a local favorite. It is owned by the original Hammond Family made famous for Hammonds BBQ

Practicing her duck face.


Delilah is really coming into herself, learning she is a bird dog.

and my favorite snapshot of the week… Payton singing with her cousins (distant cousins) at Brazos Point church. She was love love loving being on the stage (that’s my girl!)

We have some more family visiting this weekend, and another round of family visiting next week so stayed tuned for more adventures!

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2 thoughts on “InstaFriday #2- Texas Edition”

  1. Your daughter is precious, and your obvious mommy-love for her touches my heart. My favorite pic is her on stage singing w/her cousins. She’s quite the fashionista. 🙂


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