Happy Good Friday! I hope you spend a little time today reflecting on the sacrifice that Jesus made so we could live in freedom.

This week was actually pretty good as a whole. I’ve been trying to be more present in the now and not get so overwhelmed by what is to come. Baby steps!

Here is my week via iPhone pics, Hope you enjoy them!

Friday night we headed out to Greenville, IL to visit some good friends of ours. I got to ride back with Payt. She was excited.

She got to play with her friend Sullivan. She wasn’t sure what to do with him at first. ha.


Sleeping in the car.


Payton loves tractors!


She loves the sunglasses Aunt Caren got her, she even wore them on our late night run for ice cream!


The ice cream place had sidewalk chalk for the kids to play with and Payt was more interested in that than the ice cream… silly girl…


Speaking of ice cream…

My choice was vanilla frozen yogurt with cookie dough and SPRINKLES!

Monday morning 6am… It’s workout time! I’ve been doing New Rules of Lifting for Women and have been loving it so far!

My new superfood of choice…

I made my own sparkly sports headband, and totally love it! I’m going to make many many more.


Lunch with hubs and baby girl at Qdoba. Organic Peach Tea and Grilled Veggie Naked Burrito… YUM!


Another 6am workout on Wednesday!


I love this girl!


uhh… no… we don’t like salsa…


Can I just tell you I LOVE homemade pasta salad. Tons of veggies, some lite italian dressing and a some bowtie pasta. I had this several times this week.


I spent some time this week reading Payton the Easter story in her Toddler bible. She is so hungry for knowledge right now and always has questions. While repeated questions of a 2 year old can be annoying, I really do love that she is so open to learning.


Thursday night “Good Friday” Easter experience at church. So thought provoking. And we were also looking good.



I’m linking up at Life Rearranged.
life rearranged

What have you been up to this week?

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Whirlwind of a Week! {InstaFriday #5}

So this week was quite a whirlwind… and to be honest it doesn’t look like I took many pictures with my phone… We spent Sunday traveling and in the er… the rest of the week I feel like I’ve just been running non-stop. It always feels that way when I get thrown into the work week coming back from a trip with no “day off” to recover. I probably should have just taken Monday off, but oh well… It’s Friday, Friday (cue the annoying Rebecca Black song…) I’m looking forward to reclaiming my house and hopefully parts of my sanity this weekend. I’m linking up over at Life Rearranged.

life rearranged

Since last my last InstaFriday post was on my birthday I didn’t want to leave this out… Chris’ Grandma, Mom and Little Payt all helped make me this awesome cake. I had a Texas themed birthday party! It was stellar! I even got a Blue Bonnet Pitcher and Glass set to have a piece of Texas here at home. Love!

We spet most of the day Saturday before we left Texas just hanging around Chris’ grandparents place. It was beautiful outside and Payton found the perfect spot to lounge.

We tried out this place in Granbury, TX called Monte’s Breakfast Burritos… Chris and Payton had their burritos and they were awesome, but I had to get me some REAL Huevos Rancheros! MMMMMM! We wanted to go Sunday before we left, but they were closed… Sad Day.

The car ride home… We were PACKED tight in the Scion. The only place for Delilah was at Payton’s feet. She burrowed in her little hole for most of the trip.

Payton has become quite the diva. She loves picking out new colors of nail polish and wants me to paint her nails all the time. She asked if she could paint my nails… I told her maybe when she is 5. ha.

How most of my Tuesday night was spent… with these books. Why do I procrastinate on my homework? Less than 2 years left… I gotta keep reminding myself of that.

Being home means I have my gym back, YAY! I’ve started the New Rules of Lifting Stage 1 this week, and boy oh boy have I felt it. I am really proud to say I even got brave enough to use the Squat Rack at the gym. I’ll write up a whole post on this eventually…

Why is it that I seem to drink TONS more water out of this cup? I left it here while we were in Texas and I know for certain I didn’t drink enough water. Weird how that is. Maybe its the magical green straw…

I got a new skirt, I love this pattern! Thanks Gap Outlet.

aaaaannnnnd I cut my hair off this week. I always go in stages… Growing it out or cutting it off… I wasn’t excited about the haircut the first day, but its growing on me (HAHA, pun totally intended). It is a lot less maintenance, plus it forces me to actually do something with it since I can’t just put it in a ponytail.

What was the highlight of your week? I’d love to hear from you!!

ps- want a bonus laugh? Watch this…


Happy Birthday to Me! {insta-friday #4}

Happy Quarter Century Birthday to me! It has been a fun “birthday week” and the festivities continue today! Weird to think I’m 25… doesn’t that mean I get a discount on insurance? Oh how priorities change… Check out my week in instagram pics! Linking up to InstaFriday at Life Rearraged.

life rearranged

Cute Baby Courtney… Thanks for sending me this pic, Mom!

Today’s birthday picture… Twenty Five!

In between stormy days we were able to take advantage of working out on the deck at our rental, what a beautiful office view!

We visited In-N-Out.
Gotta have it animal style.
On this hour long car ride we discovered that Payton is prone to car sickness.

Pre-Race Garb.

Read about my Saturday Race Adventure here.

After the race we visited General Granbury’s Birthday Celebration.
Payton got spoiled.
(also, please notice that Payton is wearing a teal dress that she refused to take off, pink leggings and polka dot shoes that don’t match. some battles aren’t worth fighting)

I found this amazing purse on a $10 sale rack.
I have been bedazzled and texa-fied.

Visiting Fossil Rim!

After Fossil Rim Ice Cream Treats!

Lunch @ Hammond’s

Found her wearing Uncle Kevin’s glasses saying “I cool, Mommy!”

Payton was also Texa-fied.


Dinner with her friend Chloie!

Fun with Friends at Dave and Busters!

Representing District 12 on our way to the Hunger Games Midnight showing!

Staying out late, totally worth it for a fun time with my hubs watching The Hunger Games. Overall great movie, even if they weren’t accurate to the book.

How was your week? Have an instafriday post I have to see? Leave me a comment and I’ll come check it out!

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InstaFriday #2- Texas Edition

This week has been such a great one! I love love love Texas. There is just something about being here that just makes me feel so… at home. Anyway, with a cute little rental house on the lake and lots of family to see and places to eat its been a week of adventures! I love the idea of sharing little snapshots of my week with ya’ll so I’m linking up to InstaFriday at Life Rearranged.

 life rearranged

Saturday morning I woke up early and did a quick one mile jog around the neighborhood and my session of Body Sculpting Bible for Women that I missed on Friday because of the travel/time change on the way down here to Texas.

We visited one Chachi’s… a REAL TexMex restaurant! They don’t have anything like this in the STL.

We drove around the Granbury area… “Where Texas History Lives”

Most of our week has been spent working… but we get to work out on the big dock. Payton loves it out there!

Visiting the Cows at Re and Pa’s place.

Checking out Big Rocks in Glen Rose, TX

I’ve started fixing up Payton’s hair in a tiny ponytail. It is so cute!

Out on the dock.

We have done quite a bit of driving around and her favorite way to do it is with the window down and the music up.

Blue Bell Ice Cream…. The best ice cream in the world!

Mint sprint nails for St Patty’s day. I’m gearing up for the Granbury Road Race on Saturday, gotta go green.

We had dinner at Loco Coyote, a local favorite. It is owned by the original Hammond Family made famous for Hammonds BBQ

Practicing her duck face.


Delilah is really coming into herself, learning she is a bird dog.

and my favorite snapshot of the week… Payton singing with her cousins (distant cousins) at Brazos Point church. She was love love loving being on the stage (that’s my girl!)

We have some more family visiting this weekend, and another round of family visiting next week so stayed tuned for more adventures!

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