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Twenty Three.

What?? The last time I updated was November 11? Where did November go?? I can hardly believe we’re already full swing in the Christmas season! December snuck up on me. I can’t believe Christmas is a few weeks away, Not to mention in just over ONE MONTH I will be running my first marathon. This nervous excitement is almost too much… Speaking of the marathon, I haven’t kept you up to date on my training, so here’s a recap…


The week of thanksgiving was my second to last “long run” of my training… 23 miles! 23 has always been my favorite number (its my birthday! 3/23) So I figured when I set out for a 23 miler on the 23rd of November it had to be a good one. I totally rocked it out too. I set a PR for the half marathon distance

BOOM! The fastest I had run 13.1 was around 3 hours 5 minutes… so I PR’d by like 20 minutes!! I did pretty good for the rest of the run too… Finishing 23 miles in around 5 hours 20 minutes…. and I still felt pretty good at the end. I’ve also nearly perfected my long run recovery, which makes me feel great considering I’m spending a week at Disney AFTER running a marathon. A protein shake and some carbalicious snack right after the run with some stretching and at least 10 minutes in an Ice Bath… and after that although I’m still slightly sore I am able to walk around no problem. This run was the confidence booster I needed. I figured if I can do the same thing at Disney, even if I have to walk the last 3.2 miles, I can for sure finish under the 7 hour mark. I needed a good run after my 20 mile bonk on my previous long run.  I have one more long run, a full 26 miler, on the schedule in a few weeks and then begins the madness known as the taper… then flying to FL, packet pick up and race day. YAY!



1 thought on “Twenty Three.”

  1. I’m doing the Disney Marathon this year too! I’m very excited for it–mainly to go to disney world and meet the whole cast of characters.
    You’ve got cahones for doing the whole 26 before the marathon. I don’t know if I would want to put my body through that. I have my 20 mile long run this weekend and I’m not looking forward to it :/


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