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Fallish Things.

We have a few fall trends here in Normanland… One of them being a trip to Eckert’s Family Farm in Millstadt, IL. We have done it nearly every year since being married. It is such a fun place to do fall-ish things. Pumpkins, Bonfires, Hayrides. We were heading out there a few weeks ago (I know, late post…) and we ALWAYS seem to get lost… I’m not the best navigator. but besides that fact as we were getting off the highway on to some of the “back roads” I hear the worst sound…. toddler vomit. Like everywhere. It wasn’t like little baby I just spit up some milk, it was all out madness. Poor Little P was crying and going “WHATS THAT MAMA” and “I SORRY” it was so heartbreaking. Of course, in that moment there is nothing you can do… Just let it happen and try to regroup in the aftermath. Luckily we had some extra Smashing t-shirts in the back of the truck so we tried to clean her up and put her in an adult XL shirt and did the old hair tie knot in the back. Once we got there she seemed fine, must have just been car sickness or something. Anywhoo, we didn’t take many pictures…. but here are a couple…. like 2….



She loved the pumpkins… and got to ride a horse! or a pony I guess…

Payton also got some “baby pumpkins” that she got to paint, she was a very focused artist.




That was nothing compared to what Chris got to do with the pumpkin we brought home from Eckerts. That was a thick skinned pumpkin!


We also got a visit from my BFF… Kylen! I’m pretty sure I only have this one picture of her and Payt… and maybe one on my phone… but here is her pretty face….


I love it that we can live far apart but still hang out and have a good time. We might not see eye to eye on everything, but we sure know how to have fun! Love you, Ky!

and lastly, I have one horrible picture of Payt and I on Halloween…

She was a great Minnie Mouse and loved helping hand out candy. I made her whole outfit, I’ll have to do a better post about that someday. haha.

So there you have it, a variety of fallish things from normanland… now, it’s on to production mode for Christmas. I’ve been working on tons of presents, I’m so excited to give them to our loved ones! If I didn’t think they’d read the blog I’d post them before christmas… haha.

What are some fall traditions you have?


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