little sponge.

sometimes i just am so blown away at how much my not-so-baby can soak up. she is so hungry for knowledge and ever since learning the phrase “whats that?” asks it all the time. Each time we tell her she seems to sit for a minute and stare as if committing the information to memory. she is a stellar listener, even when you can tell she doesn’t want to listen. sometimes i catch a little flair of mischief in her eyes and have to suppress my laughter because I know I have that same spark in mine. It can be intimidating at times seeing yourself reflected in this oh-so-impressionable little girl. unfortunately, as much as she has some of our good traits…. she also picks up on the not so good ones (like telling the dogs “get” and “shut up” in a not so polite tone…. haha, oops…) it seems the whole weight of responsibility of parenthood grows greater with time.

her personality shines through more and more each day. i love how she thinks my tomatoes are big grapes and exclaims “mmmm… gaaaapeeee” as she tries to pull them off the stem. she’s very curious about animals and loves learning the sounds they make. she can tell you what sounds the dog, cow, bird, monkey and duck say. she knows where her hair, eyes, nose, toes, mouth and ears are. for some strange reeason when playing peek a boo she covers her ears instead of mouth. for some reason she thinks when daddy goes to work he’s in her play farm house and calls for him several times throughout the day. she enjoys riding in the stroller while mommy runs (if its not too terribly hot) and even “stretches” with me afterwards. she loves her dogs, and they are trouble together.

shes constantly amazing me every day.

i’m so proud of my almost 17 month little sponge!


1 thought on “little sponge.”

  1. Dang Courtney, seems like your kid is growing up fast. Glad to hear you all are doing just fine with no bad news on the blog. May God bless you all.


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