sometimes my day to day life seems to go by in a fuzzy blur of mickey mouse, sippy cups, laundry and other “to – do” lists that at once seemed easy enough, but when trying to tackle them with a toddler seem near impossible.

sometimes i look at myself in the mirror and still see a teenager unsure of what the future holds, but determined to make a difference.

sometimes i find it hard to believe how far i’ve come. yet other times i can’t believe how far it seems i have to go.

sometimes i think about relationships from the past and wonder at what became of those who once boasted we were “best friends”

sometimes i feel disconnected in a world where everything is just a click away.

sometimes i wish time could stop and i could just cherish the time i have with my favorites.

sometimes i have a lot to say.

sometimes i say nothing.

it seems as if i’m a contradiction 🙂


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