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did i do that?!

So, I have recently become obsessed interested in crocheting and sewing. I find myself getting lost in the seemingly endless circle of links on creative blogs like this one and this one. I find an idea that I love and then I can’t rest until I try it. Little P loves her “kit” (blanket) that a family member made for her and tries to drag it everywhere so I decided to make her a smaller “lovey” to carry around with her.



I was pretty happy with how it turned out, and she seemed to like it too!


My first “real” sewing project (besides my burlap bag) was a slip cover for one of my throw pillows…. I have never really liked the brown and green pillows, so I plan on changing them up when I get a chance. I just started with the small one, and I loved the fabric too. Here is a “before” and after

brown on the left is what it looked like before... the right is the finished product

I was really proud of myself for that tiny pillow, I’m such a nerd. I find that I really enjoy putting things together for babies and since my sister is about to have her baby I’ve been making things for her. I made a flannel/jersey two sided blanket, some customized burp cloths and my favorite, a taggie blanket!

I used a purple butterfly flannel fabric on one side and a pink “minky” fabric on the other an used scraps and ribbon for the tags. I loved it so much I made one for Payton and her cousins Bella and Makaylah.

I felt my confidence building as I became more familiar with my sewing machine (whom I affectionately call Sally) and decided to tackle the project I originally wanted the machine for… a duvet cover for our KING size down comforter. I knew it had to be mostly black, thanks to our black cocker spaniel who sheds everywhere…. but I love the Damask patterns (I might be slightly obsessed with them) and with black and white together with a contrasting color, like pink or red. Our wall behind our bed is red. I found some plain black cotton and a beautiful black and white damask cotton print and decided to accent it with red ribbon. This was a huge undertaking, simply because the massive amount of fabric involved. after cutting and pinning and sewing and ironing and cutting and seam ripping (several times) and sewing and ironing some more it started to come together. I had some scraps left and used them to customize our pillowcases to match. I could not be more thrilled with the results! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!




once i saw the finished product I stood back and asked myself “Did I really just do that?!” Why yes, yes I did! I am living proof that if you set your mind to it (and google it enough) you CAN do it!!!

now for a few “random” photos to update you on what is going on in Norman-land (and of course, tons of pictures of Little P)


this is where "sally" resides.


our dryer blew up the other day (we knew it was on its last leg, so we weren't surprised) and I ended up with this beauty! It took about an hour and a half to dry a load of towels with the old one, this one does it in 40 minutes!!!
look at those droopy drawers! while she won't actually walk on her own, she pushes her chair around like a walker. i'm pretty sure she was trying to let the dogs out when i caught her here.
these two are trouble. payton is in love with crayons, which is not good for the future of my walls i'm sure.
She decided to empty her wipes on the floor when I wasn't looking.
my hair is getting long, just sayin
and another one of my recent additions to the family.... my kitchen aid (her name is suzy). I'm sure she will be making several appearances in the near future!


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