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whoa, when did this happen? my baby girl turned one!! it seems like just yesterday we found out we were pregnant and then we were at the hospital and then bringing her home… and now she’s one! she has such a huge personality, it’s almost scary. she has been drinking whole milk for awhile now and doesn’t use a bottle anymore. she gets around fast, which keeps me on my toes. she loves to talk and knows a lot of words. she just started learning “please” but doesn’t understand the concept of thank you just yet.

to celebrate her birthday we had a get together with family and friends. she was in minnie mouse heaven. watching her eat her cake was hilarious. she even licked the plate! i have to admit, planning a party can be stressful, but this went better than i imagined. i made the food myself, lots of chips and dips along with my homemade mickey mouse shaped pizza snacks. she was overwhelmed with her presents, but had lots of fun playing with her friends while exploring with her new things. she just seemed so grown up. i really was laid back in my approach to the planning and execution of the party and i think everyone enjoyed themselves. the best advice i can give when planning parties is to think about the demographic of your attendees. i knew it would be mostly adults, but i also knew there would be a few kids. i made sure i had games and goodies for the little ones, while having good grub for the big kids.

on her actual birthday i took her up to playtime party center for lunch. she crawled around and played on their toddler play place and kept screaming and laughing cause she was so happy. we spent the evening in Greenville, IL with the Naes’ since Erika and Payton are birthday buddies. it was so fun to celebrate!

check out a few pictures from the celebration:

the cake, grandma made it for her!
mmm cake!
mmmm, thats good!
plate licking good!
loves her mickey mouse bouncy ball
obviously excited about something!
dance star mickey!
riding her rocking horse
sitting at her big girl table
fun with friends!

how do you celebrate birthdays with your family?

1 thought on “one.”

  1. Courtney! She is so big and this looks like so much fun! 🙂 I remember Bella’s first birthday and now she’s almost 18 months! Can you believe how fast the time flies? Payton is beautiful!!! It’s so much fun when they start saying things. 🙂 Bella has just started asking for “hugs” and then “more hugs” … I absolutely LOVE it!!! Looks like you had a wonderful party! Love you dear!


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