back on the wagon

…. the blogging wagon that is….while i have been faithfully reading my favorite blogs almost daily, sad to say i haven’t been doing too well updating my own. obviously. i feel like i’ve been trying to get back into a groove ever since we were on vacation at the end of last month. as soon as we got back i jumped right in to planning little P’s first birthday celebration (i plan on writing a blog about that… eventually). it was such a fun time celebrating with amazing friends and family. i can hardly believe she is one. i’ve still been recovering from that, along with starting another term of school. i’m taking Intro to Spanish 2 and American History 2. and somehow in my “spare time” i’ve managed to pick up a hobby of my own: crocheting! i started about 2 weeks ago and have already made several hats, a baby blanket for my soon to come niece, a head band for my bff and i am currently working on some baby mary jane’s for my niece to match her blanket. i’ll update more about that later too, hopefully with pictures.

anyway, i spent most of the night trying to reorganize the site, i hope you enjoy… and keep your eyes peeled for some more update posts in the next few days!!


1 thought on “back on the wagon”

  1. Looks great! I like the layout a lot better than before. Also, I’m not sure you should be giving a baby mary jane. I mean… it’s illegal. Unless she has glaucoma. 😛


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