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Disney Recap: Magic Kingdom and Epcot

Ok, I know I promised another Disney update, but I didn’t realize the pictures from the last few days were still on the camera and just now got around to importing them. You would have thought I had a ton of time due to the fact I’ve been “snowed in” most of the week, but for some reason my mind thinks I need to do MORE work on the house if I’m snowed in. So I organized the laundry room, cleaned the basement, cleaned the floors, baked and cooked a ton and a few other things. So, although delayed, here is a little recap of the last few days of our visit to Disney.

Tuesday was my brother’s 20th birthday and my cousins 8th birthday, so the whole family headed to Magic Kingdom! This is by far my favorite park. I think it has to do with Cinderella’s Castle… AND they are building Belle’s village and the The Beast’s Castle too! I can’t wait for that. Payton will be old enough to really appreciate it by the time it opens so you can bet we will be there!

Waiting in line to meet daisy duck. Payton wouldn’t let me hold her, just wanted to stand by herself.
She was SO excited.
In front of cinderella’s castle.
Tea Cups!
Little Cinderella. She was being so independent.
On the Dumbo ride.
She totally zonked out.
One of the most magical moments I’ve ever experienced
At Epcot with Uncle Trav
With my Love at Epcot

Overall, it was a fantastic time. I thought it would be crazy with a nearly one year old, but she was honestly pretty good. And it was SO much fun watching her experience it than me experiencing it by herself. The awe and wonder in her eyes was priceless. She was so excited and happy all the time. Every morning we got in the car she would hold her Mickey doll and sing all the way to the park. I think that everyone should go to disney at least once. It is totally worth every dime we spent!

What are some of your most memorable family vacations?


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