so i’ve procrastinated my “new years” post as long as i could. here it is 9pm on new years day and i’m finally trying to articulate everything that has been percolating in my soul for the last few days. i’ve been looking back on the last year. 2010 was for sure better than 2009. we were blessed with our baby girl. God turned some bad situations into good regarding our jobs. we both started back to school. We had some rough spots too, but we grew quite a bit out of that. i truly truly believe 2011 is going to be a break though year for us. i’ve got a few “resolutions” for this year.

fitness- i want to continue to get in shape. i missed my end of 2010 goal for weight loss by 5 pounds, but i’m going to make up for it. i want to run a half-marathon and continue to educate myself on nutrition and cooking.

relationships- i want to strengthen my “inner circle” and develop a strong community of people around me. i want to be a better wife and mom. i want to read my bible and pray more to develop an even greater relationship with God. pretty generic, i know, but something that is close to my heart.

vision- this one is kinda hard for me to admit… but i really need to define my personal vision. for so long my goals were to find a husband and start a family. i’ve reached those goals. now it almost feels like i don’t have a vision for the “whats next” in life. i don’t feel like i have anything to really strive for, and that is weird for me. so i need to define my vision.

these are just a few of the things on my mind… i’m sure more will develop as i continue to seek out what exactly GOD wants out of me this year. much love.

((a few pictures from end of 2010))

my favorites
what i did waiting for adam and erika to finish their gingerbread house.
a glimpse of Payton’s first Christmas!


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