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Life Happens.

My apologies for my lack of blog appearances lately. It seems like when things happen they come in waves. A few weeks ago Payton woke up from a nap with a fever. No other symptoms. After a few days of it not going down we went to the doctor. They thought it might be a urinary tract infection, so they were trying to do some tests to make sure. In the meantime her fever spiked to 105.1. I may or may not have freaked out…. and proceeded to take her to the ER as the doctor advised. They did some more tests and determined she did have a UTI and got her on antibiotics. That is such a hard thing to go through…. to not be able to fix anything. She started to get better with the antibiotics, but they did more tests to try to figure out why she got it in the first place. That was no fun either. Then as she finally got better I developed this awful toothache. I spent most of the weekend taking pain pills that made me literally sick and tired. Poor Chris. He took great care of me though. I ended up having a root canal (well at least part of it) and then had to recover from that.  On top of all that we were in our last few weeks of the school term… I’m not sure how I ended up finishing it, and getting decent grades. Only by the grace of God!!

Payton and I were both finally getting back to normal (or some semblance of it anyway) and we were so glad because it was just in time for Kylen to come visit!! Kylen and I were on the Acquire the Fire Ministry team together and we were both in the drama where we played “BFF’s”. Thing is that really turned us into BFF’s. I love her so much. She’s so sweet and loving. A visit from her is always fun. She came to visit last year when I was pregnant and it was so exciting for her to meet Payton. We had a blast!

Kylen and Payton at the park
Payton playing in the leaves

She just left yesterday, so today is the first day in about a month that Payton and I have had a “normal” day. We woke up and played and ate breakfast and played and now she’s napping (at a normal nap time, yay!) I have cleaned and vacuumed upstairs and now I’m sitting here with my Pine scented candle, coffee and Hillsong. I feel like i’m “decompressing.” Things have been crazy lately and it doesn’t seem like they are going to let up any as the holidays approach. Holidays are kinda difficult for me, to be honest. While living far away from family can have it perks (less drama? maybe? ok, maybe not…) I do miss them so much, and even more so now with Payton. I always think back to what the holidays were like growing up. I remember always having a thanksgiving with moms side of the family and dads side of the family. Then Christmas we had the tradition of waking up in the middle of the night and playing monopoly until mom and dad woke up, then reading the Christmas story, opening presents, then going to mom’s side of the family for breakfast and presents, then to dad’s side of the family for dinner and presents… so much family and fun, but I remember having to always run around. I realize now how important it is to really set traditions for our family now that we have Payton. I don’t know what those traditions are going to be, but I’m looking forward to them.

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?


2 thoughts on “Life Happens.”

  1. Courtney, I am sooo sorry you guys have been feeling so bad!!! I am glad that you are both getting better!!!! 🙂 Last year we tried to start traditions and we ended up getting a silly movie about Jesus that turned out to be claymation, haha, and enough food for like a week — just for the 2 of us! Haha! We will see what traditions we can come up with this year, too 😉


  2. Hey stranger! It’s so good to hear from you.. I was starting to have withdrawals. hehe… It’s always fun to mix up everyday life, but always feels SO good to get back to normal life. Sometimes a little depressing! Glad all is getting back to normal, we miss you guys!!


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