Weight Loss

finding a routine

i feel so out of it. i was doing so good, working so hard. then when i went back to work i feel like i lost it. my routine was shaken up. finding time to spend with chris and payton was hard enough, let alone time to work on me. from the time i was laid off i feel like i have been playing catch up… still trying to find momentum to get back into working out and paying closer attention to what i eat. just when i was getting there we went on vacation. it is hard to eat good on vacation…. not hard to eat good food, but hard to eat the right food. especially in texas. now i know why its considered the most obese state. all you can eat mexican, dairy queen, real deal barbeque and of course grandma’s homemade pies and cobbler. it all tasted good, but it made me feel so junky!! i felt so bloated and i felt so sluggish. i felt like i gained 10 pounds. i was actually (pleasantly) surprised to see i didn’t gain any weight. now we’re back at home and its time to find a routine. i have my 5k coming up in about a month and i haven’t run in over a week. when i find time to do it the weather is not cooperative. i worry about taking payton out with me during the day. sounds to me like i’m making excuses for myself. i still have 11 pounds to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. i’m going to do it, and do it right. it seems like it would be easy to go on a very low calorie diet or something but i know if i did it would all just come back. so, here’s to another new beginning to get back on track and find a routine for working out. again.


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