Vision Statement

I will strive to be a physical example of Christ’s love poured out to those around me, inspiring them to do the same. I will be a woman of excellence serving Christ first, family second and others third. I will give my life to take the gospel to the unreached of Latin America so that they too can proclaim the greatness of God’s love and salvation until He returns.

That was my “vision statement” that I wrote at the Honor Academy in April 2005. I feel like the first two sentences are still dead on, however, since then my heart has become heavy for the church of America. I still love Latin America and would love to spend some time sharing the gospel there, but right now I feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be as far as location goes. After last weekend’s focus seminar I’ve decided to follow that vision statement up with something fresh. So here it is.

I am a passionate, grateful and secure woman.

I am passionate about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am passionate about seeing lives changed and freedom brought to those who are held captive. I will develop habits that will cause my passion and zeal for life to grow . I will not be satisfied just living life, I will passionately pursue my divine purpose, wherever that may lead. I am passionate about my family and friends and I commit to purposefully pursue deeper relationships that will lead to growth in my own life as well.

I am grateful for everyday I get to wake up and have another opportunity to live this life. I am grateful for the opportunities that have come disguised as obstacles. I am grateful that I have the power to choose joy in every situation. I am grateful for all the blessings I have been given and that I am able to give out of the overflow rather than to give out of emptiness.

I am secure in who I am and who God has made me to be. I know that regardless of relationships in my life I will be secure knowing that I am a daughter of the King and I am loved and cherished. My worth and security come from God alone.

I will be a loving, patient and confident wife and mother. I will strive to show Christ’s love to my husband and daughter. I am committed to being a parter in their physical, emotional and spiritual growth.


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