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Welcome to the fourth edition of What I Ate Wednesday here at Journey of a Dreamer. After thinking back on the last few WIAW posts I’ve come to realize we eat pretty much the same stuff over and over. But it’s sooo good! One of my summer staples has quickly become protein shakes. I need to do a whole post of all the different types of proteins that we have tried… *noted*

So, on to the eats!

Of course my day started with my 430am line up of mixed drinks…

I use GNC ProSculpt as my Pre-Workout booster. We just recently started using Inek Evolution Whey Protein when I wake up and before bed. We get it from Peak Nutrition. I use Blox Silk Amino Acid during/post CrossFit to help with muscle recovery. Then after CrossFit I had a blender bottle of the Intek Isolate, a quick absorbing protein to help recovery post workout.

Breakfast is almost always the same. Eggs for sure, usually scrambled, and accompanied by some kind of breakfast meat. Just recently we found this awesome salsa verde at a hot sauce store in Old Town St Charles. It tastes so good on eggs! It makes me super hungry for real Huevos Rancheros. Like the kind you get in Texas. Yum. Anyway, here is breakfast!

I’m wanting to make my own salsa verde, because we could seriously eat massive amounts of this stuff.

Usually around 10:30am or so I find myself getting hungry and luckily for me around that time the FedEx guy showed up with a box of love from KIND! (Disclosure: I was provided with free samples of the new Nuts & Spices bars from KIND to review.) Of course I went for the Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt Flavor First. Holy yum!

Their new campaign is all about Saying No to Secret Ingredients. I am proud to say I could pronounce every one of the ingredients on the list. Also with 6g of Protein and 7g of fiber it filled me up until lunch time! Head over to their facebook page to find out how you can get a coupon for their new Nuts and Spices bars!

I was actually still pretty satisfied from the KIND bar that I didn’t notice it was lunch time. We have a fridge full of leftovers so Mr Dreamer had some leftover stuffed peppers, while I finished off the last of the Paleo Turkey Meatballs leftover from last week.

Paleo Turkey Meatballs

Usually the afternoons fly by, and this one was no exception. I looked up at the clock and it was 3pm. and I was starving. Lately I have been noticing if I don’t pay attention to my hunger cues and get too hungry I start to feel sick. That’s kinda where I was at. I needed something quick and easy so I grabbed my GNC Egg Protein.

I added it to some Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond Milk and put a dash of PB2 in because I’m a nut butter-aholic. I started to feel normal again about 15 minutes after inhaling drinking it.

For dinner I was so excited to have my current favorite meal on the menu… Paleo Pad Thai! Seriously, this recipe is amazing. I change it up a bit by adding in some of the strained coconut milk leftover after making coconut mousse. Also, I used homemade almond butter! This meal is seriously plate licking good. Zucchini noodles are a brilliant substitute for regular noodles in this recipe.

It might not be the prettiest, but it is so yummy. I add chicken to the mix for protein. This has been a weekly dish for us throughout the summer since zucchini is in season.

There may or may not have been a few unpictured bites of Blueberry Greek FroYo at the end of the day. All things in moderation!

My overall breakdown from my BodyMedia Activity and Nutrition Tracker. I’m loving this tool so far! The armband keeps me aware of my physical activity during the day while using the nutrition tracker helps me be aware of what I put into my body. One area that has surprised me is the amount of sodium even in “healthy” foods!


Do you use protein powder? If so, What kind and when?

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EAT, food, WIAW

WIAW Week #2

Ah, it’s Wednesday. That day in the middle of the week that signals the transition from “Aw, man! The weekend is over?” to “All right! It’s almost the weekend!”Last wednesday I linked up with Jenn from Peas and Crayons for my first What I Ate Wednesday and I had so much fun I am back for Round 2! I loved getting to share what I eat, but even more than that I loved getting bounce around blog land checking out other peoples’ eats. It’s my nosey side coming out. Although for it to “come out” it would have to hide every once in a while and it doesn’t seem to do that often. or at all. Anyway, on to the eats! So these were my eats from yesterday. It just so happened to be the very last day of the 60 day Fat Loss Challenge, so I tried to pay extra attention to what I ate. We are getting our DXA scans today and I am nervous and excited to see the results. Wait- we were talking about food… Started my day off with Pro Sculpt, I really notice a difference when I take this stuff. oh, by the way, it was 440am. cause thats how I roll.So, this was delicious. I recently found Zico chocolate coconut water at Target (and stocked up like y2k was about to happen…) and was drinking it after my morning workout and decided it would probably taste awesome mixed with my 1st Phorm Level-1 chocolate coconut protein. I was right. It was epic.Scrambled eggs are standard for breakfast most mornings. Sadly, we are out of farmers market bacon so I had to settle for some all natural sausage. Oh, and see those peppers? They are from my garden! They were a few of the things I could salvage after the darn squash bugs killed most of my garden.Snack time! Fresh Cherries and Almonds. Sad fact- Growing up I’m pretty sure I thought maraschino cherries were “real” cherries. Like, I don’t remember ever thinking about these kind of cherries when I thought about cherries. I so missed out. No worries- I’m making up for it now. Gardien BurgerLunch was totally random. I forgot to take anything out for lunch, so I dug through the freezer and found some Gardein Veggie Burgers. I cooked one up to have with a salad. It was quick and did the trick. While it had some wheat and stuff in it, it did the trick in a pinch. Lesson learned, plan lunches better!Afternoon snack was a glass of CLICK. The coffee taste is super strong, so I mix in 1 scoop of plain vanilla protein and it balances it out. Afternoon snack and afternoon coffee all in one cup!Dinner was a recipe I found when we started trying to eat more Paleo type dishes. It is a copycat PF Changs Lettuce wrap from Cavegirl Cuisine. It is so delicious. Seriously, like go make it right now. I wish it photographed better. I even tried another angle. It still doesn’t look nearly as yummy as it really is.See, even Little Dreamer is excited about it. Or about the fact a camera is out… that’s my girl. There you have it. Another day of eats! What are some of your easy lunch ideas? I get stumped all the time! Visit Top Mommy Blogs To Vote For Me

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