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Happy Valentine’s Day

So I’m not exactly one to go gaga for Valentine’s day- but I don’t hate it either. We don’t normally go crazy with presents or anything, but I have to say my husband is the best at being creative with it! Remember when he made me the awesome Hey Girl Memes last year? I thought he couldn’t out do himself with those…. buuuut he did. Seriously, I have the best husband ever. This year’s valentine was just perfect. Check it out:

Best ever. I mean, how do I even top that? There’s no way I could. So, just for fun… I made him some memes of his own 😉



In all seriousness, I am SO blessed to have the husband that I do. While I do appreciate and love him every day, Valentine’s day is a day to go a little beyond normal to make sure he knows that. He is my best friend. My biggest Cheerleader. My confidant. I’m so lucky to have him (even if his instagram is full of pictures of me sleeping). We are a great team and we have a heck of a lot of fun together.


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

What’s the most creative gift you’ve received? (Doesn’t have to be just for V-Day)