Small Changes Add Up

Oh hey.

It’s been a minute…. oooor a month. I didn’t mean for that to happen. I had huge plans to write a ton while we were on vacation in Mexico last month but… we were on vacation in Mexico! So, Tequila happened. And so did laying by the pool for hours on end. It was amazing and I’m planning on writing a whole post about it.


I have started to write a few times since then but every time I start to write it seems like the words evaporate. I haven’t even posted much on Instagram lately, and I was addicted to Instagram! Aside from being stupid busy trying to run several businesses, be a mom and wife, and still have time to eat/sleep/find clean clothes to wear… or time to wash my hair…. I have been struggling to find my voice here.

Really ever since I posted about how I was struggling to find myself I have continued to struggle with investing time and energy into public platform I created for myself. I have continued to feel out of place in the blogging community. I didn’t want this to turn into a career. I don’t care about ads or page views or followers. I didn’t want to have all the answers, be an expert, or pedal a quick fix. I just wanted a place to share my journey in hopes that it helps someone would be inspired by it.


Here’s the thing… along the way I have changed. My mindset has changed. I’m at a different place in life. I feel like I have more to offer on this space than just “Here’s what I ate” or “Here’s what workouts I did” – Does that mean I’ll never talk about food and workouts ever again? Absolutely not. But I don’t want to be just another former fat girl with a blog about what I eat. I want to challenge people to question what they believe and why they believe it… to inspire people to reach for their goals regardless of how impossible they may seem… to discuss different schools of thought on nutrition and exercise… to get you to ask yourself the hard questions about where you are in life and where you want to go. I’m still working on finding my way in many of these areas, so we can explore together. I’m just so tired of the rambling about how clean I eat or how much I workout or whatever in the health and fitness world. Over the last few years i’ve watched people struggle to lose weight, trying to find happiness through achieve some arbitrary weight goal. Or worse see that person yo-yo diet, develop disordered eating patterns, over train and end up worse than they started because they were chasing perfection.

I’m not interested in perfection. The saying that Perfect is the Enemy of Good is all too true in health and fitness lately. Like if we can’t live on a diet of chicken and green beans forever we might as well eat whatever we want anyway. It is that kind of mindset that keeps people stuck. Thinking you have to make all these changes at once and then getting overwhelmed. It seems as though that is the new normal. It shouldn’t be! Making one or two smarter, healthier choices is going to get you further than doing nothing because you can’t do everything.

It’s all about doing What You Can, When You Can. Small changes add up over time to big results.

So don’t give up today… or this weekend… just make a small change. You are worth it.



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