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Healthy isn’t A Size: My Thoughts on the Being Thin Doesn’t Make Me Happy Post

The last few days I’ve had a few discussions with people about health, size, & plus size fashion, plus size models in the media and several other topics which got me thinking about my point of view on it and then this morning I caught a clip on the Today Show about a woman who wrote about how Being Thin doesn’t make her happy, but being “fat” does. The article is beautifully written. I can see her point of view. And I agree, where she was when she said she was at her peak of “physical hotness” was NOT healthy. She said she was eating 1000 calories a day, sleeping around 3 hours, obsessively tracking food, and getting to the point where she lost her period. None of these habits are healthy at all. Yes, she was thin. and she was unhappy. but most of all she was unhealthy.

Healthy Isnt A Size

because healthy isn’t a size.

i’m with her up to this point. she was in an unhealthy place, physically and emotionally. she doesn’t go much into depth of her current exercise or eating habits other than saying she loves cake (who doesn’t?!) and we should be unaprolligetically fat and eat pizza and drink wine and not feel bad about it. I can’t judge her current health because again, healthy isn’t a size. I just don’t like that it seems she, and the media that helped this go viral, are promoting exchanging one extreme for another. she may be the healthiest she has ever been, but this particular post makes wanting to be healthy seem like a bad thing. And maybe this post will give some people the freedom they need to break out of the obsessive disordered eating. But it also doesn’t address how to still make your health a priority. She talks about having time for her family now. You can still exercise a moderate amount and have time for your family. Too many people, moms especially, already feel guilty for taking time out from their busy days to invest in their health. They don’t need another woman implying you can’t adequately take care of your family if you take 30 minutes to an hour a day to invest in themselves. I firmly believe you can’t adequately care for your family if you don’t take the time to adequately care for yourself.

You dont have to be thin or fat, just be you

no, you don’t have to be thin or fat to be happy or healthy… because healthy isn’t a size.

If you’ve been around for a while you know my story. I was fat. Hell, to modern standards I still am fat. At a size 14 I ride the line between plus size and “normal” sized clothing. I’m too big for a lot of average clothing and too small for most plus size clothing. In a world that thrives on being able to put everyone in a pretty little box… I’m a disappointment. I don’t fit in those labels. I don’t consider myself fat anymore, but I’m certainly not thin. But I’ll tell you what I am… I’m the strongest, fittest, and healthiest I’ve ever been. And yea, some people may look at me and think I’m fat. But they don’t know my story or the road I’ve walked to get here. Another reason why healthy isn’t just about your size. And losing weight isn’t just about eating less and moving more.

Fitness isn't about your weight and healthy isn't a size

i think that we need to move away from labeling people as thin or fat, judging people’s health by their side, and look to encourage people to find more balanced healthy habits. This includes learning to have a healthier mindset towards eating and exercise. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You don’t have to be fat or thin. It’s not about punishing yourself. You shouldn’t be miserable. Does striving to live a healthy balanced life mean you’ll never eat cake again? Nope. I love cake. This week was my daughters birthday and I enjoyed a lot of cake. But do I do it all day every day? Nope. Find what works for you. Find what makes you happy. This lady ran 35 miles a week. Don’t like running? Try Zumba, walking, or CrossFit. Find something that keeps you moving AND makes you happy. It is possible, I’m proof.

[Tweet “You should take care of your body because you love it, not because you hate it”]

You should take care of your body because you love it, not because you hate it. Because if you are only trying to change yourself because you hate yourself, the chances of you loving yourself once you reach your goal aren’t great. If you don’t love yourself now, what makes you think losing 10, 20. or 50 pounds going to do? Once you come to place where you truly love yourself you can’t help but want to take good care of the body you’ve been given.

Your Turn- What are your thoughts on health, size, & happiness?


7 thoughts on “Healthy isn’t A Size: My Thoughts on the Being Thin Doesn’t Make Me Happy Post”

  1. I think that all three: health, happiness and size have EVERYTHING to do with your own inner attitude and perception. If you love yourself then that will shine through. It reminds me of my favorite quote “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely” – Roald Dahl

    Great post!


  2. This was so well written and I totally agree with you! Healthy isn’t a size, and what is healthy is going to look different on every body! That article seemed interesting to me for the same reason you stated, it seemed like maybe she was just exchanging one extreme for the other, just because she is “the healthiest she’s ever been”, doesn’t mean she’s actually healthy. And I mean maybe she is… but I don’t know… controversial things always seem to go viral, even if they’re really not the best source of information.


  3. I love everything about this post! I’m technically considered overweight, but I don’t care. I have the hardest time losing weight because of medication I’m on, but I don’t feel “fat”. I feel strong when I get through a tough workout, and amazing knowing I can run 5 or 6 miles. Healthy is way more than weight or size


  4. I LOVE this…and you are SO beautiful!!!!

    What a great post! I struggled with my weight for years. After having my 3rd baby in August I decided to take control, lost weight, and feel happy again. I started clean eating and working out and saw amazing results! I never realized how much food affected me not just physically, but mentally, and emotionally as well. This new healthy lifestyle has changed me. I have never felt healthier or happier! …and I’ve discovered my passion in life. Encouraging, supporting, motivating, and helping women to live happier healthier lives! I actually run an online clean eating/healthy living challenge group. I’d love for you to join! We have an INCREDIBLE group of amazing women! If you’re interested I would love for you to find me on Facebook! I’d love to get to know you and add you to my group 🙂


  5. Courtney, I will admit that you have completely shifted the way I look at other people, inside and outside the gym. It is easy to look at someone and judge by size, and in the health/fitness world I am sure people would be lying if they said they never have done it.

    But when I look at you, and have followed you for so long throughout your journey; I know where you were before and where you are now. I know the hard work that you put in and how you have to balance your life and your heath and your emotions and family and everything else, and how strong it has made you not just physically, but stronger all around.

    I see people now and think sure, they may not be at the “end” of where they want to be, but who knows where they were a year ago. There’s that quote about not comparing your beginning to someone else’s end and it reminds me that everyone is on a journey, just like the name of your blog. No one knows everyone’s whole story.

    I love that you show up, do the work, own yourself, rock being a coach and mother and I think it is just awesome that you do you.


  6. Perfection. You hit the nail on the head. LOVE this: “Because if you are only trying to change yourself because you hate yourself, the chances of you loving yourself once you reach your goal aren’t great.” I have good days when I’m happy with my progress and bad days when I really have to curb the negative self-talk. I’ll be like “my body and soul hear that, I can’t say it to myself!” It’s a lazy perspective I think. It’s much easier to be unhappy with our imperfections than to unapologetically love ourselves wherever we are in our journey.


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