My Word for 2015: Thrive.

I know some people can get tired of all the New Years posts, all the talk about resolutions, and everything that comes with this time of year.  I enjoy having some time to reflect on the past as well as set a new path for the future. I really don’t like the cookie cutter resolutions like lose weight and get out of debt. The last couple of years I have tried to pick a word or a theme for my year. In 2013 it was to be intentional and last year was to simplify. I feel like I did a decent job trying to simplify our house through decluttering last year, as far as simplifying our finances and day to day lives…. not so much. My surgery made that a little more difficult as we took on a bit of debt for that. As I look back on last year I feel like I spent a good amount of it just trying to survive. I just wanted to stay afloat. It felt as though I was always reacting to life, balancing a million spinning plates trying not to let any of them drop.

spinning plate

I feel like I have been constantly waiting for things to be just right to do something. Instead of trying to wait for circumstances to be just right this year I am committed to doing more than just reacting or surviving. Regardless of how hectic the year may be I am going to thrive.


to thrive is grow or develop well or vigorously. to prosper or flourish. to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances.

this word excites me so much! it excites me because it invites progress and growth regardless of surrounding circumstances, which i’ve realized I have very little control of.

I want my relationships, my health, and businesses to thrive in 2015.


What does this look like in practical terms? It means taking more time for personal and professional development, investing in relationships, and looking for opportunities for growth even if they may be uncomfortable. I’ll set smaller, measurable, achievable goals to help me put this mindset into action.

I’m looking forward to thriving along with you in 2015.

Do you do resolutions or set yearly goals?


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