Hey there! Have you noticed the new look around here? After nearly 3 years I decided it was time for a little facelift… What do you think? The next week or so I’ll be doing some more house cleaning around the blog. I want to make it easier to navigate around here and keep all the categorized posts together. I love the way everything is coming together so far though! It’s a bit cleaner and easier to read. It’s hard to believe I’ve been blogging off and on nearly 5 years come January. I’ve grown a lot both as a person and a blogger. When I started blogging  in January 2010 I was looking for a way to keep family and friends updated on our life as I was ready to pop out a baby. I was exploring my thoughts on life, parenting, and faith. Some how writing about it made it easier for me to process those thoughts.

As I transitioned from pregnancy to parenting I wrote about what I was learning as a mom and wife. Fun little experiences and memories. The major turning point for me, and eventually for the blog, was in June of 2011 when I signed up to run the Disney Marathon. Back then I blogged over at and my tagline was “Adventures in Normanland” as I updated mostly about family life. I was sporadic in my updates about marathon training and continued to update about family life in general, with training updates sprinkled in. As I started to try to lose weight I blogged more about that. I shared about my struggles with Hashimoto’s, more races I’d run, and eventually about my adventures with CrossFit. There was a time in there, probably around the end of 2011 I attempted to be a crafting/DIY blogger… not too many people know about that. I still love to be crafty but you’d probably find more of my creations getting famous for being Pinterest Fails than anything! I did have a few fun projects back when Payton was itty bitty, like this fancy little outfit and headband… Look at how adorable she was!


My blogging hasn’t been as consistent as I’d like as I learned to balance life as a wife, mom, student, full time working from home, and eventually a CrossFit Coach/Owner. For awhile I felt obligated to keep updating the blog and forced some posts just for the sake of posting… then I realized this is MY blog that I started because I wanted to. I shouldn’t feel like I have to do anything. So my posting this year was random. As I took a step back and really thought about what I wanted out of this little space on the internet I realized that I wanted to keep writing to inspire others to reach their dreams. Whether it is to lose weight, have a positive body image, start your own business, or travel the world – You can make your dreams a reality. Life is too short to be a slave to food, hate your workouts, and just clock in and out of a job you hate every day.



I want to help people discover what it is that they are passionate about and figure out how they can do more of that. We all have a purpose. A passion. A dream. And it doesn’t have to just stay a dream. You can make it happen. It will take hard work and dedication, but I am living proof that it is possible! As a girl who was overweight most of my life, I always dreamt of being fit. Now I’m the fittest I’ve ever been!


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All that to say I hope you enjoy the changes around here. I plan on being a bit more consistent, aiming to post around 3 times a week. I’ll continue sharing my personal health journey – which includes posts about my adventures in CrossFit and my thoughts on mental and emotional health (I have to use that Psychology degree somewhere!) I also plan on adding more posts about food & nutrition as I work through my Precision Nutrition Certification. Some things I’ve thought about offering in the future would be Online Coaching for Nutrition once I finish my cert, Lifestyle Coaching/Accountability, and possibly writing an ebook!

I’d love to hear from you – How long have you been a reader? What kinds of things would you like to see around here? Would you be interested in personal coaching? If so for nutrition, workouts, lifestyle/accountability? Let me know in the comments!



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