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Every so often I come across amazing new products that I love. Sometimes I find them through friends and sometimes these products are sent to me to try out. Regardless of how I come across them I am always honest in my review and don’t share anything unless I think you’ll love it. So here we go!



So I absolutely love this idea. See, I’m a female of the thigh gapless variety. Which is awesome. Except when you want to wear cute maxi skirts and your strong muscular gapless thighs like to rub together. Bandelettes sent me a pair of both the lace and the spandex versions. Of course the lace version is super sexy, but I found even with the silicone strips they didn’t stay in place as well as the spandex. They stayed in place around 80% of the time.


But they look hot, right? The spandex version are a little more plain but stayed in place perfectly. They helped prevent the chafing that occurs when you’re walking around outside all day in the humidity with your gapless thighs. Be sure to check out the sizing charts on the site to get the right size so it stays in place!

Raydiant Apparel Headbands


Just because I can’t work out yet doesn’t mean I don’t like to dress like I’m working out! One of my absolute must haves for a workout is a wide headband. It not only helps keep my hair and sweat out of my face, but it also looks cute! This is the Hot Pink Cheetah band. I love that these are stretchy and sweat wicking and they are affordable too! Use the code CN15 to get 15% off the already affordable prices. I think I need the neon coral one next! What is your workout must have?


Ok, I may be late on this train… but I’m kind of obsessed with ModCloth. I bought a dress from them for our cruise back in January and I love it. The clothes are adorable. I’m loving their home decor section too. This is my most recent obsession:


The arrows… The quote. I adore it. Now who wants to buy it for me?

GoMacro Bars

Last, but not least, my new favorite snack: GoMacro Bars! These bars are seriously delicious.


These bars are vegan, organic, gluten free, and non-GMO verified. And delicious. They have flavors from coconut granola to my favorite: Banana Almond butter. I love that gomacro is a family run company who bases their business principles on a whole living lifestyle. Go check out their website and use the code SOGOOD40 to get 40% off until 9/30.

Yogi Tea


I am on such a hot drink kick with the weather cooling down. My favorite right now is the Kava Stress Relief. I swear it works.


I’ve talked about Fabletics a few times. But seriously… It is my favorite workout wear. They come out with new outfits each month. This month is all about the Taos Print, But I am in love with this jacket…


I just got in these ombre pants and I love them. Use my referral link and you can get 50% off your first outfit!

What are some of your recent favorite finds?

disclaimer: i was provided with samples of some products in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


8 thoughts on “Favorite Finds”

  1. I have never heard of or seen Badelettes, but I definitely want a pair now! haha And I’ve actually been contemplating ordering a pair of ombres from Fabletics since all my other workout pants are getting to be too big. Thanks for a little insight on these products!! 🙂


    1. I’m actually a Fabletics Master since I am a Trainer. You can get a referral link just by being a VIP though, you have a link in your account under “rewards” and then “invite friends” and you get referral credit!


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