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JD Sports Review

I was provided a pair of shoes in exchange for my honest opinions about the site and ordering process. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It is no secret that I love shoes. I mean, c’mon, what girl doesn’t love shoes?! When it comes to the type of shoes I have in my closet… or strewn about my floor… there are 2 kinds: athletic shoes and flip flops. I’m not too much of a fancy shoe lover, I’m far more practical. While comfort and function come in ahead of fashion when choosing shoes that doesn’t mean my shoes are all drab. Recently the people at JD Sports offered to send me a pair of shoes. Who turns down a pair of shoes? Not this girl! I chose the Nike Free 5.0. They shipped quickly and arrived at my door in a bright yellow bag


It is actually a reusable drawstring bag, which I thought was pretty cool. With JD Sports being a UK based company I thought shipping would take forever, but it actually didn’t take much longer than a normal online purchase!

It has been quite some time since I wore a dedicated running shoe, but I knew with my surgery that my recovery would likely include a lot of walking before I’m able to get back to weight lifting so these beauties will be perfect for that.


They are light weight and comfortable. I chose to go with black because they will go with so many more outfits that way! They aren’t as wide in the toe box as I’ve had previously but for walking for recovery into jogging/running as I get back to normal workouts they will be perfect!


New running shoes always make it more exciting to hit the pavement. I got clearance from the doctor today to walk as much as I want to so these little guys will see a little more than just my inside flooring! If you are looking for a new pair of shoes be sure to check out JD Sports, they have a wide variety of styles and sizes to meet your needs.

Do you pick bold or neutral shoe colors?


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