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Weekly Check In- 9 Weeks Out

Another week has gone by already? This means I’m now just 9 weeks out from my Skin Removal Surgery. This was my first real week of trying to stay focused on my main June goals… Drinking 4 Liters of water a day, Taking vitamins Regularly, and Staying on the meal plan.


Overall I’d give myself a B- for the week. I stayed 100% on the meal plan until Thursday when I had an extra quest bar… I was just starving while coaching! Not the worst thing ever. I was consistently getting my water in (and peeing all the time too!) and taking my vitamins. Then comes the weekend…

What is it about the weekend that makes it so much harder? I know that we go out often, going out to eat is like our way of winding down. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and I got naked tenders and a salad with balsamic, as close tot he meal plan as I could stay. I felt good about it. Saturdays are a little bit tougher because we are at CrossFit longer than normal so I move some meals around to make them easy to take on the go and eat after the competition class I take. I did great throughout the day and then we ended up going out with the hub’s family to our favorite pizza place. We always get the family deal which includes garlic bread, salad, and a pizza for $20. For me to order my own separate meal there is another $10-12 that I didn’t want to spend so I decided to eat as much salad as I wanted to fill me up and enjoy a few small slices of thin crust pizza. I didn’t feel overly stuffed, just satisfied. Sunday I stayed on track all day even with my grocery shopping and meal prep until we ended up out to eat again after some shopping at the outlets. I chose a large salad with grilled chicken and a vinaigrette, not horribly far from something on my meal plan.

Overall I feel like I did well. I want to be able to stick to this plan and see the weight loss… but I also want to be able to live real life. Real life means eating out and not feeling guilty about it. Sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan and you just have to make it work. Eating out of tupperware 24/7 isn’t the life I want. I want to be able to make adjustments on the fly and still see progress.

A side note to this week’s check in and possibly TMI – I had my Mirena IUD removed just over a week ago. I feel like my body is still adjusting. I also stopped my hormone replacement trying to get my body to readjust itself naturally. I think that is going to play into the scale number with how bloated I felt all week, despite being 98% on plan.

I weighed in this morning at 194.6, which is a few ounces more than where I was out last week. It was slightly disappointing to see that. I have to fight the mental battle that if I’m not going to lose weight I should at least eat whatever I want. I can’t wait to get to the point where I don’t feel like I have to fight to lose fat and can just focus on performance. As far as size goes I’m totally fine where I am, I feel strong. I just hate this excess hanging skin in front. I want to stay focused for the next 9 weeks to get the best possible result I can from the surgery, to have a healthy recovery, and get back to training without feeling held back by the scale or my skin. Not to mention having these hormones settle the heck down. I hate feeling like I’m doing everything right and not seeing progress. This week it isn’t just the scale… my clothes are tight and I have that overall “bloated” feeling. To be honest I still fight that cardio junkie mindset that just tells me to go run forever to try to burn more calories, even though I know that won’t fix it.

Whew, kind of a downer aren’t I? On a good note, I do feel stronger than ever. I’m following a Catalyst Olympic Lifting Cycle and getting more and more comfortable with heavier weights on my olympic lifts. Like legit lifts, not the “it counts in crossfit” lifts. I’ve been regularly full snatching around the 85-95lb range, I even did a 100lb double from the hang last week. I’m going to be competing in a legit Oly comp in July and i’m looking forward to it!


I know this week I just need to stay on top of my mental game and do the best I can to get rid of this annoying hormonal bloat.

How was your week? How do you stay on your mental game?


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