Alpha-Bits Little Free Library

While you all know that I consider staying physically fit of utmost importance, as a parent I’m also just as concerned with staying mentally fit. I’ve always been a reader. As a child (and still as an adult) my favorite Disney Princess was Belle, because she loved to read. The best part of the movie was when the beast gave her the whole library. Because of that I always wanted a huge library with a rolling ladder… Because who wouldn’t, right?


While I have yet to get my huge library with the rolling ladder… I got something almost as fun! Check out this awesome Alpha-Bits Little Free Library!


What exactly is a Little Free Library? It is basically a “give a book, take a book” gathering place for people to share their favorite literature! People are invited to bring their favorite books to share and take books that others have brought to share. Post Alpha-Bits Cereal is a breakfast cereal shaped like letters. Payton loves it because she can pick out letters that she knows, mostly the ones that make up her name. It just seems perfect that they partnered with Little Free Library to promote reading!


The Little Free Library is located in the lobby of CrossFit 70 in Wentzville. We believe that keeping your mind healthy is just as important as keeping your body healthy. The kids who hang out in our lobby during classes love having the books available to them to read or take home. I just love that my little one enjoys looking at some of the same books I remember enjoying as a kid! If you’re in the area just stop by to swap out one of your favorites for something new, and maybe get a good workout in while you’re there!

What are some of your favorite books?


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