Coffee Date

Coffee Date

Hip hip Hooray for Friday! I swear the days are getting longer but the weeks are getting shorter. Today I was thinking about my recent struggle with weight and progress and how I’ve felt “stuck” since our cruise. Then I realized our cruise was THREE FREAKING MONTHS AGO. Seriously though? a quarter of a year? I feel like it has been a lifetime and yesterday all at the same time. Can we go back?


Between the “all you can eat” on the cruise and the weeks leading up to it I ended up gaining 10ish pounds. The lowest weight I was at pre-holidays/cruise/crossfit move was 183. I stayed between 183-185 for the last few months of 2o13. I was around 193-195 at the end of January. I’ve continued working out the same and stayed mostly on plan with eating and now I’m at 190. These dang hormones seem to make it impossible to shed weight. I know it’s not all about the scale, but my clothes haven’t changed much at all. If we were having coffee I would probably complain to you about how I hate having to work twice as hard for half the results, while in the same breath saying how I know this is just how it is and I need to work with it. I’ll accept it, but that doesn’t mean I won’t whine about it…

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I can’t believe how fast Payton is growing up. She is 4 going on 14. She has such a personality. Just recently we had her hair cut… She wasn’t sure about it first but now she looks in the mirror and says “Momma, I look like a grown up don’t I?” and I think she likes the attention she gets from such a drastic change. I hope that changes as she gets older… or we could be in trouble. Parenting is such a crazy thing. It’s hard to ever feel like you’re doing it right. I want her to be a strong leader, to ask hard questions, but at the same time I want her to be respectful too. How do I teach her how to use that to help and not hurt? How do I bridle that passion without breaking her spirit? I don’t know. This parenting thing isn’t for the faint of heart!


If we were having coffee I would ask you if you budget. I have been trying to stay on top of finances this year. To be honest before this year I never paid intense attention to how we spent our money. I had a general idea, but nothing too detailed. I decided to try YNAB. I’ve actually found that the same principals I used to lose weight have helped in the area of finances as well. The first month I simply tracked all our expenses. Knowing where every penny went was eye opening. It made me far more aware when I was spending. I began to ask myself the same questions at the store that I would ask myself when I ate… Is this going to help me reach my goal? If the answer was yes than I moved forward with the purchase. If not, I put it back. It hasn’t caused me to “find” an extra sum of money to pay off all my debt, but it helps me really to think about my purchases.

If we were having coffee I would likely be wearing spandex and complaining to you about how hard it is to find clothes that fit. I know I’ve talked about Fabletics before but I have to say it again – I LOVE their clothes. The Lima Capris are by far my favorite. They are comfortable, they don’t fall down when I burpee, and they are cute! They just came out with a new line for April and the colors are so bright and cheery! My order is on the way and I can’t wait to put it on. Seriously, who needs jeans? Use this referral link and get 50% off your first outfit!




If we were having coffee – What would you tell me?
Do you Budget?


2 thoughts on “Coffee Date”

  1. I think your blog is called “Journey” for a reason.. you’ll be constantly striving for something more.. it’s a good thing! 🙂

    Your baby girl is adorable..

    And love those bright capris! Wish they stopped being sold out of every color I want in my size 😦


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