I did it!


Yesterday i submitted my last college assignment. like last last. as in i’m done.


even if a get a horrible grade (which is totally possible considering this is the pickiest professor i’ve ever had) i will still pass the class and have all the credits to apply for graduation and finally get my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology! Watch out world!

4 years ago I had a brand new baby, was on unemployment after being let go from my previous job, and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. So, of course, I decided I needed a college degree. I had no idea what I wanted to do with that degree, but at the time I was leaning towards trying to become a counselor. So I decided on a Bachelor Degree in Psychology.

Obviously A LOT has happened over the last 4 years. I’ve learned a lot about myself, my passions, and we even started a new business venture with CrossFit 70. I never imagined when I started school 4 years ago that I would OWN a gym. Now my degree doesn’t exactly line up with that but I am still proud of the hubs and I for pressing through 4 years of tests, essays, reading, and reports. It’s a weird feeling to be done. It was a stressful journey at times. Working full time, running a business full time, plus trying to have a family and relationships while managing school work was easy, but we made it work. We’re a good team and i’m blessed to have him.


Now that I’m done I feel like I should have so much extra time, but at the same time I’m so relieved I want to do nothing.

I hope to be back here more often now too! I have so much I want to share!

What is something you are proud of accomplishing?



8 thoughts on “I did it!”

  1. Con.Grat.U.LATIONS! SRSLY! I bow down to the super mommy-ness that is you! I just got a new little one and I can barely go pee during the day let alone be a mom, buy a gym, set it up, run it/own it, take classes/study, and then all the other things that you manage to get done.

    Whatever happens with the psych degree and whether or not you need it/use it with gym ownership, you have GOT to be feeling so proud! I think it’s such an awesome thing to have in your back pocket for anything else that life throws at you.

    I also took psych and am not doing anything close to it work-wise and I’ve been toying with the idea of going back and trying business or HR and I’ve been waiting for the “right” time to do it, but you’re definitely an inspiration. If you want it bad enough, you have find the time or make it!



  2. Girl, you have come SO FREAKING FAR in such a short amount of time!!

    My background is banking/finance/accounting; let me tell you how much my focus has changed in the past couple years! I have recently started thinking about becoming a life coach; and a psychology degree would fall in line pretty nicely with that.

    Congrats on finishing and good luck!!


  3. Congrats Courtney! I quit college and then went back 10 years later only to quit again, just one credit shy of my Associates-kinesiology of all things! Thanks for posting this, it may have been what I needed to just bite the bullet and get that piece of paper!


  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I feel quite lazy compared to you đŸ˜‰ I am in your boat 4 years ago. I am unemployed and not quite sure what to do next. I am proud that through al the uncertainty I have maintained my fitness because no matter what I can’t accomplish anything if I don’t have my health.


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