What a Year.

I’ve drafted my sentimental year end post in my head a million times. The truth is my head is still not wrapped around the idea that the year is over. It has been a complete whirlwind of a year. Last year I wrote about how I wanted to RX a WOD with Double Unders – and I did several times! I’m still not great at them… but I met my one concrete goal I set for CrossFit.

For 2013 I didn’t set any specific resolutions, instead I chose a word to focus on: Intentional. I wanted to be intentional in my training, my eating, and my relationships. I feel like I really succeeded in the first two. My training and eating has completely changed. I’m training harder, eating more, and seeing results.


I feel like I’ve really found my groove when it comes to my personal training and nutrition, and I believe that I will continue to see progress as long as I stay on track. When it comes to everything else in life I feel like I have just been treading water. From our housework to our budget and even within our business I’ve just been doing what I can just to get by. There is just so much chaos it is overwhelming. So this year my word and mission is to simplify.


I am beginning to use YNAB for budgeting. I’d like to pay down credit card debt and build up a good buffer. I’ve been trying to get back to using the Home Routines App to try to find a good rhythm to maintaining the house. I also want to try to get rid of as much excess “stuff” as I can, trying to get rid of a few things in each room every time I clean it. Getting rid of unneeded excess stuff makes it easier to keep a room clean, and less clutter means less stress. As I simplify things I hope to free up more time to spend blogging, I miss it and the community so much!

What are you looking forward to this year?




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