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Oh Hey there.

Remember me? I almost forgot how to write. Seriously, Life has been crazy. Let’s try to do a quick update here…

CrossFit 70 is growing! We have a tiny space, like 700 square feet. So as the classes grow the space seems smaller and smaller. Well, we are moving! Just down to the other end of the building but it is over double the size! We are going to be building a second bathroom and… A SHOWER! We will have so much more space, a lobby and front entrance (we were previously just in the back bay instead of having a storefront). This means we are going to have A LOT of work to do. The good news is now we have a whole bunch of people who love to lift heavy and work hard to help us. We start painting/moving in the next few weeks after they finish building out the bathroom and shower. It will be sad to leave the area we worked so hard to build, but exciting to grow!! We need the space for sure, we had our Thanksgiving Day WOD and we were pretty packed. It was fun though. If you consider a 5 round Partner Fight Gone Bad Fun… Which most of us did. ha. I love these guys.


I was selected to be a part of the #HolidayFitList with Lorna Jane and Sweat Pink! Later this week I’ll be showing off some awesome Lorna Jane clothing, sharing some recipes from their Move Over Sugar Recipe book, and telling you how you can enter to win an outfit of your own from Lorna Jane. Their stuff is adorbs. (PS- If you shop Lorna Jane today you get 20% off all regular and sale priced items!!)


Remember how I told you awhile back we were getting family pictures done? We got some back and they are amazing. Here are a few of my favorites…

CandC2 Family4 Laugh MusclesCrop

My family was in town for Thanksgiving, but we really didn’t take too many pictures. I cooked a simple meal and used short cuts like Stove Top… It was good to have them in town and Payton loved being the center of attention. We also went and cut down our own tree and decorated it. It seems to be our tradition to do that. I’ve always had a live tree and love how it smells. Although, I’m not opposed to a really nice fake tree if a good deal pops up… just sayin.


I have also decided that I want to have a completely Disney themed Christmas set up… eventually. This year we have a Disney Themed Mantel, but I want the whole tree to be covered in Disney Ornaments and even have some fun outdoor disney decor. Here is a shot of the mantel


Ah, It makes me so happy! Speaking of Disney… Only 46 more days until our cruise. I bought a dress from ModCloth for the Formal Dinner and I bought a Bathing Suit from Athleta (both on Sale!!) now I just need some shoes and cover ups and I think I’m good to go. Ahhh Vacation, I can’t wait.

We have a crossfit competition coming up this weekend. I’m looking forward to it! It’s teams of 2 and we have 3 teams going. It’s a small local competition, so low pressure and just for fun. Bring on the Tag Team Throwdown!

What’s been going on with you? Do you do themed decorations?



6 thoughts on “A little bit of everything…”

  1. One year we will do a Disney theme tree too. We are slowly collecting ornaments and then we can do it. I just like doing the personalized ornaments right now since we have a small toddler.
    I like your mantel though. I wish I had one to decorate for the holidays.


  2. Well, if being too busy living life awesomely is a good reason not to be writing about it, you’ve got it! CONGRATULATIONS on the move! That is SO exciting and scary and awesome all at the same time! But it shows your hard work and dedication and that you’re doing something right! Love the family photos and the black and white themes outfits!!!


  3. Congrats on the expansion!!

    And I always smile when I see you are still alive and well in the blogging world. 😉

    Gorgeous family pics!! LOVE the flexing one, of course!


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