How To Be Intentional With Your Health this Holiday Season

So we’re going on our third morning of staying home from CrossFit. Payton is feeling much better, but still not 100%. At this point its just a whole lot of congestion. She coughed so hard last night she threw up. I hate it when she’s sick! I also hate missing out on Mornings at the box, I highly prefer morning workouts. But she should be back to normal soon, I hope.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my “word of the year” – I didn’t set a bunch of huge goals for the year but just wanted to focus on being intentional. I think I’ve been pretty good about this. I went through some struggles with my nutrition, but I have always been intentional in my training. Since I started working with Precision Fitness STL I’ve been far more intentional with food choices as well.

Now is usually the time of year when people give up on their goals and basically undo the progress they have made, but it doesn’t have to be that way! During the holidays we should still be intentional about our health. Don’t wait until January 1st to be intentional about your health. You are worth the effort it takes. You’ve worked hard. Here are a few tips on How to be Intentional with your health this holiday season.


1. Drink Water– Duh. This one sounds so simple, but in the season of salted caramel mochas, pumpkin lattes, and other delicious adult beverages water can seem so not fun to drink. By keeping yourself properly hydrated (with water, not vodka) you’ll be less hungry, have better skin, more energy… The benefits are endless. Use an app to track water intake or set up reminders on your phone/calendar. If I feel like having a cup of coffee or tea in the afternoon I make sure to drink a big glass of water first. Whatever it takes to get those ounces in!

2. Make Time for Exercise- You have been doing it already, don’t stop now! I’ve seen this in my own personal experience and in those of my clients, the more time you take off the harder it is to get back into it. Keep up the habit and don’t lose those gains you’ve made! Exercise boots endorphins, keeps your energy levels up, and helps fight off the extra calories you’re likely to be consuming.

3. Make a Goal and Track your progress- Goals motivate us. I am always looking for something to work towards. So sign up for a competition, a race, make a bet with friends, set a goal to drink so much water or exercise so many times a week. Track your progress and reward yourself when you meet your goals (but not with food, mmk?) Maybe your goal is simply to maintain your weight through the holidays. Every time you go a week without a gain reward yourself. It can be that new purse you’ve got your eye on, a new outfit, a spa treatment, putting money aside for travel, going to see a movie. Whatever motivates you!

You don’t have to be crazy strict, enjoy some of your favorite holiday foods and drinks in moderation. But the other 80% of time stay on point. This way you won’t have a huge hole to dig yourself out of come January 1st.

What are some of your tips for being intentional during the holiday season?


2 thoughts on “How To Be Intentional With Your Health this Holiday Season”

  1. I think it is just too easy to take on too much and get overwhelmed, fail at it all and end up feeling like a pile of crud! I say stick to the basics and be nice yourself! Good post, and I hope your little one feels better very soon.


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