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Disney on Ice St Louis

Remember awhile back when I told you about Disney on Ice coming to St Louis? Well this past Friday was the day! They were here for 3 days playing multiple shows. We went on Friday night. We decided not to tell Payton what we were doing. As we drove out to the city she said our adventure was a far drive, but she was excited the whole way there!


When we arrived I had her princess dress ready and told her we were going to see all her disney friends. She was so excited! I was super impressed with the set up. Disney had their vendors and merchandise set up so well, it reminded me of Disney World. We found our seats, which were absolutely amazing! I’m pretty sure I was just as (if not more!) excited than she was!! (not sure if the guy behind us was having a good time though…)


We had a pretty hot date too…


This particular production of Disney on Ice celebrated 100 years of Disney Magic so they had performances from all of our favorite Disney shows. From Aladdin, to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Beauty and the Beast (!!), Most all of the classic Princesses, and even It’s a Small World!



The show was just short of 2 hours, I think. They had an intermission about an hour in. If you think your child will have to go to the bathroom during admission try to slip out a little early or make dad take them. The lines for the women’s bathroom were outrageous… but it was worth the whole night just to see this face…


Overall, the show was amazing and we had an awesome family fun time! I would highly recommend taking your kids to see it. or if you don’t have kids just go by yourself!

Have you ever seen an “On Ice” show?
What’s your favorite Disney Movie? Mine is Beauty and the Beast so I was SO excited when this happened:




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