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On Goals and What Not…

blogging two days in a row? Whhhhhat? That’s a rarity in these crazy days I’m living in. But I miss our coffee dates. and I have a lot on my mind, so lets go with it!


If we were having coffee I would tell you I’m so glad it’s Friday. I have seriously been treading water this week… Being out all weekend spectating and competing in the gateway garage games means I didn’t have time to clean, cook, meal plan, or anything. We jumped right back into coaching classes, had Chris’ birthday on Tuesday, and have just been trying to make it through the week…. So when Friday came I embraced it fully (even if it means getting up at 4am because it is my day to coach the early classes)

If we were having coffee I would ask you about your goals. Since the competition this past weekend was the culmination of the goals I’ve been working towards for the last few months I realized I needed to make some new goals. It was almost depressing to realize how hard and long I worked for just that one day. It was very similar to the post-race blues people talk about. These past several months I have been mostly focused on gaining strength. And I did well at that. But now I have to figure out my next goal. And that leaves me a little confused.

Reading Gabby’s post on Goals got me really thinking about not just my goals but the WHY behind them. There is so much dang pressure to have certain goals because you are in a certain category. My last goal was to gain strength and I felt like I did that, or at least proved to myself that I’m capable of that. This last quarter of the year I want to try to maintain as much of that strength as possible, but I really want to focus on losing fat and conquering the bodyweight movements of CrossFit like pull ups, Handstand Push Ups, and Ring Dips.

This means getting my team behind me. I’ve talked to you many times about my Nutrition Coach, Jamie from Precision Fitness STL, and I spoke with him briefly about this and he is totally on board. This is SO important. Having people around you to support you, remind you of WHY you want it, and ultimately help you reach your goals is imperative. He has been an amazing support for the last several months and has helped me stay on track when I needed it. If it hadn’t been for his help I wouldn’t be where I am today. If you’re in the STL area hit me up to get his info!

Anyway – That’s what’s been on my mind. That and the hubs birthday party tomorrow… I’m SO looking forward to that.

If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?
How do you set and reach your goals?


4 thoughts on “On Goals and What Not…”

  1. I love goals!! What works best for me is when I have a goal in my mind whether to lose weigh, pay of debt etc. I set mini goals for myself to obtain the ultimate goal 🙂 This way I am not super stressed and it is easier to accomplish.


  2. This past weekend I went as a spectator and cheerleader to my first Crossfit Competition and I have to say it totally inspired me to want to do one. I was so proud of the 6 individuals who competed. The youngest being just 14 years old. I think I am going to talk to my coach and see about training for next years. This will take some time and consideratino before I fully commit. I really need strength training. I have only been doing Crossfit for 5 months but I think I pick up on things quickly. Right now my nemises is double unders. I try to do a few each day. Today I got 13 in a row…which is 13 more than I could do last week. Baby steps.


  3. I am so on board about the writing the goals out. I cannot wait for this half marathon to be over so that I can finally refocus on what is really important to me.

    Sadly.. I have this gut feeling that once the half is over, I am going to want to strive for some more non-Crossfit goals.. like a sprint tri.. or beating my half time..

    Who says that?!


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