The Countdown is On…

So once upon a time I spent my entire summer training harder than ever for this one CrossFit competition…. I got frustrated with my nutrition and hired a nutrition coach, and walked into his office telling him my goal was to be in the best shape possible for this competition…. I struggled and overcame. I’ve had ups and downs. I even did a tiny local competition as a part of my training for this competition…

and, uh, this competition thing? It’s on SUNDAY.

As in like 5 days away.

I’m excited. Slightly Nervous. But mostly excited.

We’ve known the workouts for about a month, and I’m fairly confident in my abilities for most of them. I know that I have trained as hard as I can. The only thing left? Trust my training.


This week I’m trying to stick to my meal plan with no cheats (except for those mini chocolate chips that poured themselves into my protein yogurt… whoops) and plenty of hydration. I’m focusing on getting my sleep, even if that means being in bed by 9pm. I’m trying to keep unnecessecary stress at bay and just be in the moment this week. I know it is just one day and it probably sounds like I’m being super crazy about it. But this means a lot to me.

I’ve never competed in anything athletic (minus softball when I was kid, but that doesn’t count) and I have always been known as the chubby girl. It’s like this competition is some sort of validation of my fitness journey. How I place doesn’t matter, even though I still want to do my best, but just feeling confident enough in my fitness level to register for something like this speaks volumes to my progress, both physically and mentally.

I want this story to be an inspiration to every single one of you out there who says you can never ______ (whatever it may be) because of your size. Set a goal and work towards it everyday. You CAN do it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Dream Big, Train Hard. That is my motto. Did I think even a few years ago that I would OWN a CrossFit? Nope. We had big dreams and we made them happen. Did I ever think when I was 240lbs or so that I would train for and run a marathon? Never. And now I’m willingly putting myself into an athletic competition. Something I literally hid from in high school. Never say never!

Keep Dreaming, and train hard to make those dreams reality!

What’s your big dream?




8 thoughts on “The Countdown is On…”

  1. Good luck girl. You got this. Like I have said a million times…it isn’t always about the finish, it’s the fight to finish that counts!! Know that you have tons of support behind you.


  2. I’m in the same boat! I’m competing in a strongman competition on Saturday & I have never competed in anything athletic in my entire adult life, let alone something like this. You are going to do great! Just remember – you are as prepared, capable, and ready as you’re going to be and on Sunday, you get to show it off.


  3. Good luck, Courtney! I’ll be there (Garage Games, right?!)on Sunday cheering on some people from my box! I’m sure you’ll do great!!


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