Weekend Shenanigans

Weekends go by far too fast. I hate the I spend so much time wishing for the weekend to come, only to have it disappear so quickly! This weekend was a great one though!

Friday night we headed out to do a little shopping. We are heading out to Texas for a family get together to celebrate the hubs’ grandparents 50th Anniversary so we needed to get some new clothes, of course. Well, the hubs really did need some new clothes, but I am never one to turn down the opportunity to shop! We also had dinner out. I was good and stayed on plan with grilled chicken, potatoes, and asparagus. But I could have killed a burger, just sayin.

Saturday morning we did “Fight Gone Bad” at Crossfit. That is a KILLER.


I ended up with a total score of 238. I want 300. Next time! After all the classes got through I stayed and cleaned the floor. Oh, the glamourous life of owning a Crossfit!

The rest of Saturday included naptime, homework, grilling out and trip to get Ice Cream.


Seriously, I can’t get over how cute she is. Also, she had to have that shirt since it looks just like our Dog Froning. She was so excited to wear it. Even if she covered it in ice cream.

Sunday started off a little rough. We got to sleep in, but when that happens I always wonder what Payton will be up to when we get up. She usually plays well in her room… which she did this time… except thanks to Doc McStuffins she thought she needed to check her fish’s temperature… and spilled half the water all over her floor… which led to me having to clean her room so I could clean her floor. Then I had to clean the fish tank. And clean up the bathroom after cleaning her fish tank. All before 11am on Sunday! It’s a good thing she’s cute!

After some rest and working on school work we headed to the local track. We are sending 2 teams to the Gateway Garage Games in September and the first WOD that was released was a 4x400m relay. and none of us knew our 400 times. This was our “active rest day”


We really did have a blast! We brought Payton out and she ended up going around the track at least 6 times! That is 1.5 miles!! She would just take off and go on her own, mostly because she loved when we all cheered for her at the end. This morning she was walking around and said “my legs hurt when I walk” – Thats the sign of a good workout kiddo!


We also made good use of the sleds, these things are no joke! I was more worn out from 20 yards of sled pushing than I was from all the running/lunging/lifting we were doing!


We ended the weekend with dinner at Cracker Barrel and cuddle time on the couch. It really was a great weekend!

How was your weekend? Do you involve your kids in your workouts?

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