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StrongerRX RTG Gloves

One of the things that CrossFit has become known for are hand rips. Some people see them as a badge of honor, but me personally, I’d like to avoid them. Enter: StrongerRX RTG Gloves.


I’ve been eyeing these gloves for awhile so when I was offered the opportunity to review them through FitFluential, I jumped at it. I was so excited when they arrived I couldn’t wait to put them to the test. I’ve been working on getting my first pull up for awhile now and I find that as I practice my kipping motion that my hands start to hurt before my actual arm muscles do. I wanted to see if using something like the RTG Glove would help with that.

The first thing I noticed about the gloves? They are PINK! I love pink. If you don’t love pink, don’t worry, they come in black too. When I first slipped them on they fit perfectly! They have sizing charts and info on their website, so be sure to order the right size!


What? You don’t do “Jazz Hands” with your lifting gloves? haha.

I have been using these when I do my skill work for pull ups and I find them comfortable and breathable! My favorite thing about them (besides the PINK) is that they feel natural. If you’ve used any other kind of lifting glove you’ll probably notice most of them have weird padding that becomes cumbersome and makes it hard to feel the bar or get in the right position for a movement. The RTG Gloves provide a protective layer without extra bulk.


I don’t use these every time I WOD, but they are great to have around. Like last week when we did “Randy” (75 Snatches for time) and I PR’d by 1:05 but ended up with a rip on each hand… and still had strength to do after… I pulled on my RTG Gloves and busted out some snatch balance and Overhead squats. Without these gloves I would have probably had to skip my strength session because of my hands!


I have tried several other gloves for CrossFit but these have been the best, by far. If you’re looking for a little extra protection these will certainly do the trick.

Do you use gloves? Why or Why not?

Disclaimer: These were given to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


7 thoughts on “StrongerRX RTG Gloves”

  1. So I have a bulky pair of gloves that i sometimes use with weights but they gripped too much on the bar with pull ups so I never tried them…these won’t do that?


  2. I LOVE the last picture of you! You look like one fierce, ripped b!tch in that picture. I mean that in the best way. You will continue to fight for your health. LOVES IT!!


  3. I used to HAVE to have my gloves; even as I worked out at Planet Fitness with the machines.. but since I started lifting more seriously, I feel gloves just aren’t as important.
    With that being said.. I got a nasty tear on the 4th from “The Sevens” and of course it ruins any pull-ups, plus even barbell work is painful; only so many ways you can tape it!


    1. I agree, they are a necessity… and I honestly don’t use them for lifting, mostly lately just on work on the pull up bar because I’ve been working those so much.


  4. StrongerRx 3.0 gloves NOT RECOMMENDED. I purchased a pair of gloves about 3 months ago. After about a dozen uses the stitching in a finger seam came undone in each glove. I contacted the company via their website and never even received a response.


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