Coffee Date

Coffee Date

Thanks for stopping by for coffee. If we were having coffee today I would invite you in while simultaneously trying to stop my 2 dogs and toddler from jumping all over you. They can smell fresh blood from a mile away… If I didn’t intervene my cocker spaniel would lick your face while my bull dog nearly knocked you over as he jumped up on your leg, covering it with slobber and hair. The toddler would start talking about some random thing that happened last year and I would likely end up giving her a snack and letting the dogs outside to calm down. They may look cute, but they are a handful (a dirty messy handful)


and yes, the bulldog likes to sit on top of the cocker spaniel. like all the time. weirdo.

After the chaos of your arrival subsided I would offer you some coffee or a latte. We have both a keurig and a verismo so you have lots of options. I would chose a simple cup of coffee with a tiny splash of coconut creamer. I would tell you that lately I’ve been drinking barely ONE cup of coffee a day. That is crazy talk for a girl like me. I would be tempted to apologize for my appearance- air dried crazy hair, no make up and an old tshirt. I would refrain from apologizing because I’ve come to realize this is just the season of life I’m in now and I’ve got to roll with it.


I would probably tell you how crazy life is right now. I would tell you how much I love that we are following our passion with opening CrossFit 70, and I absolutely love it, but it has brought the word “busy” to a whole new level. Coaching classes all morning, working on the “day job” all day, coaching classes all night… along with the everyday life stuff like cooking, cleaning, blogging… it’s a lot.  it is rewarding, and I know it will pay off, but sometimes I get a little overwhelmed. I would tell you that I hate that I don’t have time to keep my house as clean as I like and the laundry sits in the basket longer than it should… but then I would smile and tell you that I know it will all work out. Sometimes following our dreams is hard work and it requires sacrifice, but we have to believe that it’s worth it. 

If we were having coffee I would tell you I’m nervously excited about my first CrossFit competition tomorrow. It’s just a small local one, but I’m looking forward it. I’m feeling great after my first week of my nutrition plan and looking forward to letting my training speak for itself. Plus, I get to hang out with some of my best friends all day. What isn’t to love about that?

Your turn! If we were having coffee- What would you tell me?
Any weekend plans?



6 thoughts on “Coffee Date”

  1. I like how you phrased it “…this is just the season of life…” So true it is, these transitions in our lives.

    Keep your head up, Mama, and BE AWESOME!


  2. Oh, I would have a lot to tell you and you might get sick of hearing me. Mostly, I would probably vent about how exhausted I am as a single mom and that CrossFit, my box specifically, have damn near saved my life the past 6 months. How grateful I am that they are a family atmosphere and allow me to bring my girls with me. How I wish I had a partner to vent to and spend time with when the girls weren’t around. It’s another lonely weekend for me without my girls while they’re at their dad’s house. I’d tell you how much dating sucks and I feel like I’m going to be alone forever.

    I’d tell you how much I LOVE seeing pics of your bulldog as I’m a dog lover and have 4 dogs myself. Yes, I’m crazy but my dogs are fairly easy and they’re all rescues.


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