Embrace Your Strength

Before I jump into today’s blog post I wanted to tell you guys about an awesome giveaway going on with CrossFit 70! You can win a pair of Reebok CrossFit Nanos! Just Click Here to Enter! Who doesn’t love a free pair of shoes?


Anyway, today I wanted to talk to you a bit about Embracing your Strength. In CrossFit you always hear people talk about working on their weaknesses, which is something we all need to do. But it can be so so easy to get so trapped into thinking constantly about what you’re not good at, that you forget there are some things you are good at.


When I started CrossFit it felt like everything was a weakness for me. It was all so new… So intimidating. I didn’t feel good at any of it. I remember looking at the RX workouts and wondering if I’d ever get there. The RX weight seemed WAY out of reach for most WODs. A 95lb clean? It seemed impossible those first few weeks. Unassisted Pull Ups, handstand push ups, double unders, and muscle ups were things I hardly dared to dream about it. Of course nothing tortured me like the box jump. There would be several times during our classes when we would have free time to work on our weaknesses, and I would just feel overwhelmed because I have SO many.


The past few months I have been really working hard to make my weaknesses better. I want my weakness to turn into a strength! But sometimes I get inside my own head. A few weeks ago we had 2 double under workouts in the same week. and I bombed both of them. I just can’t seem to find my rhythm with them. I was angry and felt defeated. That negative self talk took over. I was no good, I would never get them… blah blah blah.

I realized that while it is good to work on your weakness that shouldn’t be all you focus on. Today we did a WOD of 120 Kettlebell Swings with 4 burpees EMOM. So the faster you did the KB swings the less burpees you’d have to do. It was a tough workout, but I’ve realized that kettlebell swings are one of my strengths. I used to hate the kettlebell. Now I embrace it because I’m good at it.


My goal for the Under Armour What’s Beautiful 3.0 Campaign my goal is to train for my first CrossFit competition in September. I’ve been tracking my progress on my What’s Beautiful Profile. This means both focusing on my weakness and embracing my strengths. Since it’s a team competition it is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of each individual on the team. I feel like sometimes, especially us women, can be SO hard on ourselves. It is SO SO SO important to remember We are STRONG. Stronger than we think. If you want to join in the fun you can create your own profile, declare a goal, and get after it! Sign up here!

Today I encourage you to Embrace Your Strength. Because it is beautiful. And you are worth it.

Tell me about a strength of yours!


I am participating in the What’s Beautiful campaign as a part of FitFluential. I was not compensated for this post – and even if I wasn’t on this campaign I would still tell you about it because Women encouraging Women to achieve their goals is awesome. 


8 thoughts on “Embrace Your Strength”

  1. You lost me at all the crossfit lingo, but I agree! I had my first training session today and my trainer started with wanting to know what my strengths were this past week. It was so good to hear the confidence in myself and when I had to share my weakness it really didn’t seem so bad!


  2. Great post and so true.
    “Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can” -John Wooden
    So impressive that you have CRUSHED so many goals. You are such an inspiration.
    Thank you!


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