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Coffee Date: Snack Attack!

I’m so thankful this week flew by. Hellllo Friday! and Hello Coffee Date! I look forward to Friday coffee dates. I like being able to “chat” with you all about whats going on! This week what has been on my mind? Snacks. Before we get into that lets talk coffee. I’ve been loving Green Mountain Coffee’s Wild Mountain Blueberry. It seriously tastes like a Blueberry Muffin.



Ok- Now that we’ve drooled over my coffee… Let’s talk snacks. I have a little helper today! She loves snacks too!



Since getting back from our CrossFit Level 1 on Monday and weighing in for the Dietbet I have been trying to stay on the straight and narrow when it comes to eating…. but I like snacks! So I have been trying to keep some good snacks handy. Of course fresh foods are always ideal, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! Here are a few of the things I mentioned:

Quest Protein Bars– Love how “clean” these bars are compared to others on the market. I especially love the Peanut Butter Protein Cup!


MySuperfoods Soft Granola Bites


Payton loved having these as snacks! As you can see in the video above… She said they were cookies! The great thing is that they are portable and pack a nutrient dense punch to a picky toddler diet. The chocolate was her favorite. She must get that from me!

Klutch Club


I can’t say enough good things about this! I love getting packages, especially with fun new things to try! This was the January Healthy Weight Management Box. I love that they send you different products you may not have tried on your own! Obviously Payton was thrilled about the idea of chips!

And I have an awesome discount for you!!

for 10% off of a 1-month auto renewing membership is JOURNEY10
for 20% off of a 3-month membership is JOURNEY25

Your turn! If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?
What are your favorite on the go snacks?

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12 thoughts on “Coffee Date: Snack Attack!”

  1. AH! I love TurboFire and the Greatest HIITs workout is fun. I think I might start ordering that…..seems like an awesome deal! Thanks for the discount code.


    1. She is a doll. She has her own little kid kind of ipad thing that records videos and she does her own all the time. Last week she did one and at the end of talking about nothing she said “Have a good day! Be healthy!” LOVE HER.


  2. My favourite portable snacks are all high in protein; single serving tuna, cottage cheese with pumpkin seeds, hard boiled eggs.
    I gave up the protein bars last summer ’cause they had way too much sugar (and fake sugar) for me!


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