Costa Rica ATV Tour

So after our horrible travel experience we were ready to have some fun in the sun! Sunday we were scheduled for our Costa Rica ATV Tour. I was excited. Like excited in the “I’m going to die” kind of way. Something I figured out on this trip: I had no fear or anxiety of heights or anything on the zip lines/repelling… but put me on a piece of heavy machinery and I was terrrrrrified. Also- riding in these Taxi’s they picked us up in was always an interesting experience…


We get to the parking place and strap on our awesome helmets


Then we each had a turn practicing on a small course with turns and such. I was first. Which must have been hilarious. Roy had to correct me along the way and I barely touched the accelerator.



After everyone had a turn on the test course it was time to head out. Roy was in the front and I was right behind him. There were six of us, so I knew that I was setting the pace for the other 5.


As we turned out of the parking area it was very rocky and uneven and I went so slow it was stupid. I kept apologizing to everyone behind me because I was so terrified. When we finally got to the bottom of the hill Roy came back and told me this next part was flat and it was ok to go a little faster. haha.

I finally started getting the hang of it as we went up into the mountains and through trails. I was still a bit shaky, but feeling pretty good. I wish I would have taken in the surroundings a little bit more as we explored. I swear I never took my eyes of our guide and I was holding on to the handle bars so tight my hands went numb. I kinda chuckled at the thought that I was actually driving an ATV through the Costa Rican Jungle. We had been taught to lift our legs up when crossing water so the water from the engine didn’t burn us. I did well crossing a few puddles like that. We eventually came to a stopping point (where Roy helped Caren and I put on some more sunscreen, lol) and he said he was going to cross first so he could get pictures of us crossing the water. Oh ok. No big deal, just cross that little creek right?



It was more like this:


I literally questioned everything in that moment. Roy took off across the MASSIVE FREAKING RIVER and I had no choice…. I had to follow him! And of course… I was first. So I just gunned it. Ok, so maybe I didn’t “gun it” but I got across… and it was terrifyingly exhilarating. And the pictures he took as we crossed did make me look a little Bad-A. Just sayin.


So after that I was pretty confident and starting going faster (much to the relief of the rest of the group behind me). I also kept imagining I was hearing the hubs going “Cmon Courtney!” … turns out it was actually Caren behind me.

We eventually got to a stopping point where we got out and hiked up to a beautiful waterfall and got to swim in it!


After swimming for awhile we hiked a little ways further up to an even taller waterfall. Guys, it was so breathtakingly beautiful that these pictures don’t do it justice.


The funny thing is we didn’t know it then, but this is actually the waterfall we were going to repel down the next day!

The ride back was way more fun. Since Roy knew I was more comfortable he took us across some different water and even a few jumps. That I nearly opted out of. ha. On the last stretch of flat ground before the end we opened it all the way up… we were flying! I couldn’t believe how fast we were going! Roy kept looking back to see if I was keeping up and when he saw I was he would speed up even more. It was such a blast.


After we finished our excursion Roy took us to a local restaurant and we had our first taste of local Costa Rican food. And oh man… it was goooood.


It was rice and beans, chicken with mushroom sauce, fried plantains and yucca.

Also while we were eating there were monkeys everywhere!!


The whole experience was just such a blast. I loved that I was able to do something that I was terrified apprehensive of and end up having a blast with by the end of the day. Roy even told me I was his favorite driver… which my husband didn’t really appreciate… he ended up getting “payback” later in the week for this… haha.

Have you ever driven an ATV? (in or out of the jungle)
Have you ever done something you were scared to do and ended up loving it?


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