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WIAW: Clearwater Style

Hellllllo From Clearwater, FL!

I worked the Tampa Pretty Muddy Event over the weekend, and I’m heading to the event in Miami next weekend so we are taking the week in-between to visit with family and friends here in Clearwater. We are renting a condo for the week. Here is the view from our Balcony:

Awesome, right?!

It’s Wednesday, so that means it’s time to link up with Jenn for WIAW!

Eating on vacation is always hard for me. I want to justify my “indulgences” with the fact that I’m on “vacation” but I also want to keep up with the healthy eating. We decided to find a compromise. Since we have an amazing kitchen in the condo we have been making our regular breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon. With a little coffee on the side. Or maybe it’s Coffee with a side of eggs and bacon? LOL

Since we are staying right on the beach we have been visiting local hot spots for lunch or dinner. It is so weird being around here with all the changes they have done! I hardly recognize the area, but I knew that one of the best spots to eat is Frenchy’s! We went over to the Main Frenchy’s the other day. I loved being able to sit outside right on the beach. So did Little Dreamer!

The hubs had the fish tacos and thought they were great. I had the Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich and it was awesome! Of course, I was so smitten with the scenery that I forgot to take pictures…. Bad Blogger!

Last night we decided to walk over to Frenchy’s South Beach location since it was right down the road from where we are staying. It is a part of the new Beach Walk area. 

We sat in the outside area and I finally figured out how to use the panoramic feature on my phone. It was an epic day.

Little Dreamer and I decided to share the Greek Salad. This area (well, more Tarpon Springs… but Pinellas in general) is known for legit Greek Food.

This was totally legit. There was potato salad on the bottom, with peppers, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and a massive block of Feta on top. It was totally filling, and with the dressing on the side I barely even used it.

The hubs ordered the Cuban and as soon as I saw it I wished I had ordered it too.

My grandpa is Cuban and we grew up eating REAL Cuban sandwiches. This is probably as close as I’ve ever found it to his. Hot Pressed Cuban with Rice and Black Beans…. I’d eat that any day of the week!

I’d say Frenchy’s was a hit!

While the food has been delicious, I am seriously craving some spinach. I’m almost to the point that Linzi was when she thought about bringing her own handful of spinach to the Barista’s at starbucks to mix in with a smoothie. Almost.

What is your eating strategy for vacation? 

Thankful Thoughts

14. Thankful for a flexible job that allows me to work from anywhere


6 thoughts on “WIAW: Clearwater Style”

  1. Would you believe that I lived in Tampa for 6 years and only made it out to Clearwater once? It was beautiful, though, and your pics definitely show that! And that 1st pic of your daughter is definite photog contest winning stuff 🙂


  2. What a view….

    On vacation, I try to eat sensible and healthy. When you don’t have a kitchen, eating out can always be tricky. I like to try new things if I’m in a new area, but try to make sure they are healthy options.

    Great photos.


  3. Looks like you’re having an amazing time! My vacation approach is that every other day I eat what I want or ever 2-3 days depending on the length of the trip. That said, I still find myself mostly observing my 80/20 approach that I use in my normal life so it works out overall, but at least knowing the days helps. Plus, usually when I’m on vacation I have extra time to get in a few extended workouts as well!


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