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STL Bloggers Meet Up

Holy wow. This weekend has been FULL of awesome STL experiences! It’s going to take a few posts to recap them all. Let’s rewind back to Friday. It was finally time for the first “official” meeting of the STL Bloggers! About a month ago I decided that we needed to start a group for bloggers in the STL area to connect. So I created the STL Bloggers group on facebook and invited the local bloggers I knew of… who invited more bloggers they knew of… and now we have nearly 50 members! So Friday I actually got “dressed up” in my new Altar’d State top (that gives back!), my Old Navy Jeans, Target scarf and boots, and North Face Jacket.

I found out that one of the STL Bloggers, Jenny, actually goes to my CrossFit box and I’d had a conversation with her before! Small world! Since we were coming from the same area we decided to carpool out to Hacienda. I was excited to drive out there in the #KeysToSTL Chevy Tahoe because it would give me an opportunity to test the Navigation system.

When driving East on 40 towards STL I usually get confused once I pass 270. It’s just a little beyond my “comfort zone” because I don’t go out there much. With the Navigation I was able to easily get there with plenty of time to spare! I didn’t realize how big that place was! We walked through a maze to check in with the Hostess. We had to wait a little while, even though we had reservations. What happens at a blogger meet up when you are waiting for your table?

Blogger Meet Up

Once we sat down our waiter was pretty attentive. I took a look at a menu and immediately decided I wanted the Cuban Sandwich. Unfortunately they didn’t have it because they are transitioning to a different menu, I was truly disappointed. I ended up with the Chicken Tacos which were still really good.

The Hacienda St Louis

They had a ton of decorations up for Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), which was pretty cool. I ordered Fried Ice Cream for dessert and it came out in the shape of skull and crossbones, which was pretty cool! The think about Healthy Living is finding balance. My fellow FitFluential Ambassador Katie and I can be seen ENJOYING our Mexican food. It’s not all protein shakes and salads!

STLBloggers Meet Up

 Jill, Jill, Jenny, Kara, Katie, Me, Janice, Cheryl, Kesha  – Our awesome STLBloggers Meet Up Group for October!

Do you have any monthly meet up groups? Favorite Mexican Food?


11 thoughts on “STL Bloggers Meet Up”

  1. Lovely to have met you and the crew and now you won’t be able to get rid of me 🙂

    I’ll see ya at the next meetup!

    Oh and speaking of Mexican food, I just ate at the newly opened Vida Cantina in the Galleria and it was the bomb so maybe we can go there for one of our meetups in the future. 🙂


  2. Oh wow! I just found your blog through Holly @ I would love to join you at a STL blogger meet up!

    Glad to have found your blog.


  3. I just requested to join the STL Blogger group. I happened upon your blog via Holly. I am pretty much just starting my blog and would love to meet up with other bloggers in the 314 and 636 🙂


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