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Coffee Date: Vlog is back!

So the last few weeks I linked up with Alissa’s Coffee Date I didn’t have a vlog – but guess what? Today I do! Return of the vlog! You guys get to see my pretty face this morning, aren’t you excited?!

Ohhh yea! Speaking of my Pretty face, did you catch the last FitFluential Newsletter? Guess who’s face was front and center? THIS GIRL!

How Cool is that?! They loved my Pretty Muddy Recap and shared it with all of FitFluential. (And speaking of Pretty Muddy – I mentioned this in the video but if you are wanting to run Virginia, Tampa, or Miami – Let me know!!)

And mentioning the mud… Tomorrow is Warrior Dash!

I’m still waiting on my official Wave time but I’m hoping somewhere around 9-10 since the hubs is running around 9:30!

and here are the links I mentioned: Rags to Stitches Blog
Yesterday’s Compassion Post If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?
How do you feel about Mud Runs like Pretty Muddy and Warrior Dash?


17 thoughts on “Coffee Date: Vlog is back!”

  1. Great vlog!

    Belle is my favorite princess too.

    I’m in Tampa and my girlfriends and I were JUST talking about the Pretty Muddy Run. 🙂 rundmt{at}tampabay{dot}rr{dot}com

    SPA love! 🙂


  2. So nice to meet you today, Courtney. I really enjoyed your vlog. Mud runs sound like such a fun time. I played mud volleyball a couple of times and loved it, but unfortunately here in Costa Rica those things don’t exist. I mentioned the idea once to do it at church, but the idea of ripping up the grounds didn’t appeal to my husband. Boo.Excited to check out your upcoming giveaway!


    1. Oh, you’re in Costa Rica? My family and I are doing a vacation to Costa Rica in January – SO excited! I’ll have to find out exactly where (I don’t remember…lol) and see if you have any tips!


  3. I’m terrified to hurt myself in mud runs. I feel like I’d twist my ankle (mine are super loose lol) or something and then be out of commission for other races I’m already focused on. I may try Pretty muddy when it comes to Tampa, loved your feature! SPA & FFA ❤


    1. Kat-
      I was the same way! But Pretty Muddy makes it so manageable with their obstacles. I’d like to talk to you about working with Team Pretty Muddy – Can you email me courtney(at)courtneynorman.org ?


  4. Um, I’m not that big on Princesses, but I have to say that I love the Candlestick from Beauty and the Beast. Does that count?

    As for mud runs, I have brought teams of clients to several of them and here are my top three so far in order of preference:

    Spartan Race
    Hero Rush
    Warrior Dash

    But they are ALL great fun and a great way to challenge yourself, so enjoy!!


  5. If we were having coffee – which I think we should totally do! You can have coffee over Skype right? I’d tell you that you’re awesome and strong and inspiring 🙂


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