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September Goals Check In & Weekly Workout Recap

Another week gone already? I feel like this month got away from me. Honestly, I had awesome goals and was so motivated to reach them at the beginning of the month. Then with all our travel, the Pretty Muddy race, and all of the festivities for Chris’ Birthday I have just seriously gotten off track. I did have some decent workouts this week though!

Sunday 9/16 – Rest Day

Monday 9/17- CrossFit + 2 Miles

Clean and Jerk 75%-80% 7 x 2
In 15 minutes, get as far as possible up the ladder:
Ladder: 1 rep, 2, 3 , 4…………
Hang power cleans 95/65
Front squat
Push ups
Post WOD

-I don’t remember how many I got up to… But this was tough! Front squats have felt weird to me lately. Post WOD stroller run!

 Tuesday 9/18- CrossFit + 1 Mile
Tempo back squats 5 x 3
Death by Burpees (I got to 10)
Minute 1: complete one burpee
Minute 2: complete two burpees
Minute 3: complete three burpees
– continue in this fashion until you are no longer able to complete the requisite
number of burpees in that minute.
Then from the time of your last burpee, rest 90 sec and proceed to run 600 meters.
The score equals total number of burpees plus run time.
Post WOD
TGUs 12 x 2
-I hate burpees. I got up to 10 on these. and
Wednesday 9/19 – 2 Miles
-quick late night run, trying to get the miles in!
Thursday 9/20- CrossFit + 2 miles
1 strict press + 3 push press
7 rounds AHAP
6 min ON/1 min OFF; 5 min ON/1 min OFF; 4 min  reps
ON/1 min OFF; 3 min ON
3 Wall walks
6 Front squats (75#/115#)
9 Box jumps (I used stacked plates)
Post WOD
Paleo chair
Achilles stretches
-This was TOUGH. I’m not very good at handstand stuff so I didn’t get as close to the wall as you were supposed to. Also used stacked plates instead of a box for the jumps
Friday 9/21- CrossFit
OHS 5 x 5 AHAP
5 rounds for time of:400 meter run
95 pound Overhead squat, 15
-This was another tough one. My previous Nancy time was 18:41 and I wanted to beat that so bad! I did! I got 18:01! Oh- and that was RX!
I finally got to sport my Strong Is Beautiful T-Shirt from SheRocksFitness and wore some Target Knee Socks to match!
Saturday 9/22 – CrossFit
Rowing sprints : 500,400,300
Rest 2 minutes after each sprint.
10 rounds for time of:
15 Deadlifts 135/95
15 push ups
Post WOD
Grip training
-I used RX weight for this, but it got tough after a few rounds. I broke up the Deadlifts into smaller sets. I ended up finishing around 18 minutes… I forget the exact time.
It was a tough CrossFit week. And I’m still feeling it!
And now time for the monthly goal check in… since I have to… It’s not going to be pretty.

Weight Loss – eek- I’m still hovering 191ish. Gotta get on this next week. Clean up the eating and add more cardio. – Still the same as last week! However, I did have a huge NSV… fitting into size 14 Jeans!! I seriously haven’t worn this size since 9th grade!

Running- I did good with this last week… getting my miles up to 19! But I don’t think I’m going to be able to fit in 20 miles next week… We’ll see!

CrossFit- This month my goal was to work on the box jump. I’ve practiced on the plates but haven’t worked much with the box. Eek.

Reading- Oops. Forgot about this one. Haven’t picked up the Kindle all week.


3 thoughts on “September Goals Check In & Weekly Workout Recap”

  1. Ok you’ve got to read “Secret Believers”. It has blown me away and a huge kick in the pants for my faith. It focuses on a Middle Eastern country and witnessing to former Muslims who converted to Christianity and the trials they have to face. It’s amazing.


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