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The Color Run STL 2012

This weekend was epic! We signed up for The Color Run a few months back and I was so excited that it was finally time to get to it. We stayed at St Louis Union Station Marriott on Friday Night. We knew we’d want to shower after the run, plus we didn’t have to worry about parking or getting up super early to drive downtown. The view out our hotel room window was pretty sweet, looking out over the pool & pond

We visited Pi Pizzeria at their new Downtown Location. I’d heard tons about Pi so I was excited to try it out. After consulting twitter I determined “carbing up” for a 5k was totally acceptable (I just wanted an excuse to eat carbs! lol)

After not eating carbs or really extra sugars for that matter, this meal was delectable. We had a slight hiccup in the service when they forgot to put in our appetizer, but they quickly resolved it by bringing us extra garlic bread (YUM) and comping our appetizer when it did come out. I give this place 5 stars for service! Fitz’s Cream soda was like dessert in a glass. Uhm, holy goodness.

Saturday morning we got ready headed towards the starting line. We stopped by the Chevy Tent and checked out the Spark, the official vehicle of The Color Run. Thanks Chevy Keys to STL for setting this up! (I’ve got some more excited stuff planned with them, so stay tuned!)

Chevrolet Spark



Races in Downtown St Louis always need the classic Arch shot.


Color Run St Louis

Chris and Izzy Before

Color Run St Louis

Me Before

Group Before Shot

Count down to the start!

After the Pink at the 1st Kilometer

Color Run St Louis

I must have done the open mouth laugh during the 2nd Color Station – Smurf Teeth!

Color Run St Louis

Group action shot

Color Run St Louis

Heading towards the yellow station

Color Run St Louis

After the orange at Kilometer 4

About to round the corner to the finish!

Color Run St Louis

Chris After

Color Run St Louis

Chris and Izzy after

Group After

Color Run STL After

The After Party was so much fun, and so messy!

Color Run STL

My after!

Color Run STL after

During one of the Color Blasts at the Finish Party

Color Run St Louis

Chris and I

Color Explosion at the Finish

Color Run After Party

Color Run After Party

Yes- that is yellow on my teeth. I really need to learn to laugh with my mouth closed.

Color Run After Party

Color Run

And here is the video- make sure to watch it until the end… you might see someone familiar in the dance contest!

Overall the Color Run was an awesome experience. There were like 15,000 people or so and it was pretty well organized. When we were rounding the corner to the finish they still had people starting! I feel like they could be a tad more creative with how they color you during the actual run, sometimes it was hard to get colored. It also got a little bottle necked at times, but I wasn’t running for time so it didn’t bother me too bad. I would HIGHLY recommend the Color Run to anyone looking for a fun “no pressure” kind of 5k for sure.

Have you ever run a “fun” race? What race would you like to run?

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25 thoughts on “The Color Run STL 2012”

  1. Oh man!!! I see so much about these awesome fun races, butI have never done one yet! I really need to look into it though nc I’m always living vicariously through everyone else’s fun!!!


  2. This makes me so excited for November! My husband and I signed up last month for it! We live 2 hours from the run location though and now you’re making me re-think not making it a weekend trip.


    1. We were in the second heat of people to start and stayed after quite sometime to dance/party and still made our way to our hotel to clean up by 11… my only thing if you didn’t plan on staying around was to have a way to try to wash up before heading home. We stopped for lunch and there were tons of “colored” people… the green ones were especially creepy. LOL.


  3. Wow! That sounds (and looks) so fun! Not sure how I’d feel about getting that color on my teeth. 🙂 Glad you had such a great time.


    1. Yea, it didn’t taste good, lol. But it was so fun! I just kept laughing and apparently its impossible for me to laugh without opening my mouth and throwing my head back.


    1. This one was awesome! I think i’m going a regular road race 5k this weekend (first race with a stroller?) and possibly Warrior Dash Next month, and then the Zombie Survival Dash in October. Bring on the fun runs!


    1. It was so fun! The actual run part of the color run they were really gentle with the color, didn’t throw too much in your face or anything… the part that got slightly overwhelming (but not too bad) was the finish line party… mostly because friends (or husbands) poured the color right on your face lol. It was hard to see at times, so foggy! Some people used bandanas to cover their mouth, i had one but forgot about it! lol


  4. Looks like sooo much fun! I’m doing the Color Run in New Orleans in November! I can’t wait! Did you carry your camera/cell phone the whole time? It didn’t get the color on it? Also…have you washed your clothes yet? Did the color come out? Sorry for all the questions but these are things I’ve been wondering about! 🙂


    1. I bought a FlipBelt at the vendor area to carry my cell phone in and carried my point and shoot camera in my hand. I have a waterproof/dustproof camera, so the color didn’t bother it. I washed my clothes and the white shirt was stained (mostly where I was sweating) and my husbands flip belt got stained but it came out of my pants/undershirt just fine! Let me know if you have any other questions I’m happy to help!


  5. This was my first run experience. I loved it. I ran/walked it but I had so much fun and shared it with my daughter. I too live near St. Louis. I am a new follower from Fitfluential!


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