Saturday Funnies {linky party!}

I used to love getting the newspaper on Saturdays. I would flip to the cartoon section and laugh and laugh. And be confused at some of the jokes, but pretend to laugh anyway. I never understood why people read the rest of the newspaper. It seemed so boring… sports scores, national news headlines, local happenings. Now I find myself sucked into national news and searching out local happenings on my own (still don’t care about sports scores… unless its the crossfit games!) It seems as I’ve grown up the world has become a little too serious. So I’m bringing back the Saturday Funnies!

Linky Party

I’m starting a weekly post where I share pictures/stories from the week that made me laugh. And I’m inviting you to link up with me! The more laughter we can get the better, right? Here goes…

Funny toddler

This is what happens when you let your 2 year old pick out her own outfit. She’ll pick her polka dot swimsuit, put it on upside down and look hilariously cute.

Sunglasses for Toddler

When you can’t decide which glasses to wear, you just wear them both! Double the UV protection, right?

You may not find it funny, maybe a little odd… But I found it hilarious that I have like 10 jars of different kinds of nut butter. Guess I’m a little nutty!

Checking out search terms that lead people to my blog… this one tickled me pink! Rich Froning Wife. Ah yes, That would be me… In my dreams. (If you don’t know who Rich Froning is… he is just the Fittest Man on Earth! Google him. You won’t regret it).

Santa Claus started following me on twitter!! I’m just curious as to which “list” he added me to… naughty or nice?!

Finally, a little video on what Little Dreamer thinks being healthy is about. First of all, listen to her laugh! It’s infectious! Secondly, This cracked me up… and it proves kids pay more attention than you think!

Alright, your turn! Link up a post of your funnies below. What made you laugh this week?


6 thoughts on “Saturday Funnies {linky party!}”

  1. I love this. Unfortunately I have little “funny” documented this stressful, busy week. That said, I LOVE my search terms. Almost every day I get some variation of “Naughty Mom”, “Mom being naughty”, etc. Awesome.


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