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My Coffee History {CLICK Espresso Protein Review}

I love coffee. Like a lot. I never thought I would say that. I used to be so disgusted by the taste of coffee. Back when I was in high school I would be up at 5:30, at school by 6:15, stay after school until 4:30 with extra-curricular activities, go to work at 5:30 and be home after 10:30… and start all over again. I started drinking disgusting office coffee just to get through some of those late night hours of data entry/phone sales (yes, in my former life I was a telemarketer (a really good one)… please don’t stop reading my blog because of it!) Anyway… back to that disgusting office coffee… You know the kind I’m talking about… the kind that has the consistency (and taste) of tar. Add in the generic sugar and powdered non-dairy creamer they bought in bulk from costco… You know what i’m talking about…


I feel old even saying this, but starbucks didn’t seem to get popular until around my senior year or so. Once I tasted one of those heavenly white chocolate mochas I was hooked. Until I found out they had 500 calories (or more!) Now I like to think I’m balanced with my coffee addiction. I have graduated from strictly light roast blends with heavily flavored creamers to being able to drink most any blend with So Delicious Unflavored Coconut Creamer. I usually have one cup a day, but sometimes after a 4:20am wake up call for CrossFit I need a little something more in the afternoons as a pick me up.

I heard about CLICK Espresso protein from different blogs I read, as well as seeing it around Twitter and Facebook. I was intrigued at the idea. Protein curbs hunger and helps your muscles recover, add some coffee to that and it sounds like the perfect afternoon pick me up to me! I was excited when my CLICK review package showed up on my doorstep this weekend.

Click Espresso Protein

(disclosure: I was given this product in exchange for my honest review on the blog)

I received a full canister of CLICK Vanilla Latte Espresso Protein, a CLICK blender bottle, as well as samples of the CLICK Mocha and Decaf.

I mixed my CLICK with Almond milk and while I may sometimes drink strong coffee, the coffee flavor of this seemed especially strong. I did have to mix it a little longer than normal protein. I tried both the Vanilla Latte and the Mocha and it seemed like the Mocha had a better flavor to it. It has just 120 calories per serving, which is less than most regular lattes out there. The 15 grams of protein help curb hunger and my afternoon snacking tendencies, which will inevitably help with my weight loss. While this works great for an afternoon pick me up, I wouldn’t necessarily use it as my only post-workout protein. I feel like I need more than 15 grams of protein to help recovery after CrossFit.

Their website has tons of recipes you can use CLICK in also. You can have it iced, blended or hot. There is so much variety for every kind of coffee lover. They even have decaf available too. Overall It is a good product that I think will help me with my weight loss goals.

Are you a coffee lover or hater? How do you like your coffee?



4 thoughts on “My Coffee History {CLICK Espresso Protein Review}”

  1. I love coffee and this product sounds great in taste and function. I’d love to try this CLICK espresso because I could totally use an afternoon pick-me-up. Thanks for sharing your review! xoxo :]


  2. Oh…coffee and I have a love hate relationship. I normally can’t stand the taste (love the smell!) but I reserve it for race days to…ahem…ensure maximum flowage before I run. So I love it then. I’m a tea girl by nature 🙂


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